If you plan to engage the vast pool of influencers to level up your marketing game, understanding the best practices for effective communication is crucial. Today, we delve into one key aspect of influencer collaboration that many businesses stumble upon How to ask influencers for permission to reuse creatives

Make sure to read until the end, as we’ll share valuable templates to help you navigate this essential aspect of influencer marketing. 

Understanding the Basics: Types of Content Use 

There are two primary ways brands usually reuse influencer content: organic reposting and paid social promotion. Each has unique considerations attached.

When it comes to organic reposting on your social media, seeking the influencer’s permission is an option, but it’s not always a requirement. In most cases, simply crediting the influencer for their creative work suffices. This approach offers a dual benefit: you can incorporate the creative into your content while reengaging the influencer through your post, thereby strengthening your relationship. See an example below.

The example above credits the influencer for the photography and includes a CTA to follow the influencer. Typically the audience you and the influencer are trying to reach are the same which is why you want to partner with the influencer in the first place. Moreover, it adds a friendly touch, emphasizing the influencer’s contribution and ensuring positive exposure to your audience. In essence, it’s a win-win situation for all.

Remember with influencer marketing it is all about relationship building. If the influencer sees that you are helping them they will return the favour. Tip: go the extra mile, if there is anything else you can help the influencer with, do it! For instance, you can help influencers by creating posters using a custom poster maker to craft visually stunning promotional materials. Similarly, if the influencer has a book launch help them advertise it through your newsletter and show that you support them. Building up a mutually beneficial relationship is crucial for a successful influencer program.

Although it is not always needed you might prefer to quickly ask the influencer before you repost anything on your organic social. In that case you can use the template below.

But when it comes to reusing the content for paid social, things get a little more complicated. Here, it's essential to ask for permission from the influencer before boosting the content. This initial ask ensures there's clarity on content use, and it helps avoid potential issues down the line.

Remember: Clear communication is crucial, as in any other business interaction. Ensure good relations with your influencers by keeping them apprised of your content use plans.

Asking for Permission: The Smart Way 

Asking for a green light for content use need not be a mountainous task. However, it does require some strategic planning. Tip: ask for approval of the content after the influencer has posted it. 

The advantage here is that, more often than not, influencers are quite amenable to reusing their content without any additional charges after it’s been shared. Requesting permission before the initial post can often come with added costs, potentially raising your expenses. Moreover, there is no guarantee that the post will fully meet your expectations, leaving you with a paid piece that falls short. 

That’s why we recommend a different approach: let the influencer post first, evaluate which creatives align best with your vision, and then seek permission to reuse the content which you like best. Remarkably, more than 80% of creators are willing to grant this permission without extra charges if approached the right way. Since they’ve already crafted the content, many don’t mind seeing it put to good use again. 

Reaching Out: The Message 

The next step is to craft a professional and polite message to the influencer, asking permission to reuse their content. Below, you can access our template to ask the influencer for permission:

Final Thoughts

No two influencers are the same, nor are your interactions with them. We've learned this from our experiences in influencer marketing, and learning how to navigate these relationships will undoubtedly prove beneficial.

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