Why Should You Invest in Influencer Marketing?

October 19, 2022
10 Min
Guadalupe García
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Why Should You Invest in Influencer Marketing?

1. Higher ROI:

By using the right tools and methods the ROI from Influencer Marketing is higher than any other digital advertising platform. This can be explained by the simple fact that the other marketing platforms such as Meta, Google, Pinterest etc. all sell their advertising slots through auctions.

Besides the creatives and the copy and audience selection there is not much which you can influence. Auctions are essentially efficient markets where the advertising slot is assigned to the highest bidder. As these platforms are used by multinationals with large advertising budgets it has become increasingly difficult for SMEs to effectively advertise on these platforms.

While influencer marketing, if done right, can be a scalable channel where the performance is largely determined by your effort, hard work and strategic approach. One of the advantages of influencer marketing is that there are many factors which can be used to improve your ROAS.

Read about Tips and Tricks to Improve Your ROAS with Influencer Marketing here.

This doesn’t mean that Influencer Marketing is easy. However, when you are willing to put in the work, influencer marketing can result in significant growth for your brand and business. High performing influencers have a ROAS north of 30X which is impossible to achieve with traditional ad platforms such as Meta, Google or Pinterest etc.

2. Content Creation:

With influencer marketing you are able to create a content automation machine. Influencers need to create content to advertise your product or service. To achieve this, utilizing a graphic design maker can significantly enhance the visual appeal and effectiveness of their promotional materials.

This content can be reused. Professional images, videos and speed up videos on any medium can be downloaded, saved, uploaded into your FB business manager, your website or newsletter. While you are earning a return on the posts received by the influencers you are at the same time receiving free content to be reused.

By leveraging influencer content across all channels such as your newsletter, paid advertising, organic as well as your website and highlighting the many collaborations you will automatically transform into a social first brand.

3. Social Proof:

One of the most important factors within a successful digital marketing strategy – Social Proof and Trust. Influencers are third-parties with credibility with a relationship towards their audience. Their followers are consuming their content for inspiration, recommendations and entertainment.

63% of consumers trust messages from influencers more than from brands – The truth is we are all human beings and we trust people more than we trust businesses. To solidify social proof and bolster trust, embed YouTube Shorts directly onto your website. These succinct videos offer authentic glimpses into your brand's ethos and resonate deeply with viewers, further establishing credibility and strengthening connections with your audience.

4. Native Content is Non-Intrusive:

Remember the last time you watched an advertisement until the end? The majority of social media users swipe immediately if an ad shows up. The good part about influencer marketing – the advertisement is embedded in native content which increases view rate, CTR, conversions and all other marketing KPI’s.

5. Amplifies Performance Across Channels:

By becoming a social first brand and reutilising all the content which is generated from your influencer marketing program your overall brand perception becomes more trustworthy through social proof. This has an amplifying effect on all your other marketing channels. Humans are wired to be social which means that if we see someone else use a product we are often tempted to do the same or follow.

Having seen an influencer post or seeing other influencers use your product will increase overall conversion rates through social proof.

Read a step-by-step approach for creating a performance-driven influencer marketing program in our Ultimate Influencer Marketing Guide here.

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