Influencer Outreach

Max. your reply rates by using automated drip campaigns, follow ups and Ai enhanced hyper personalisation. Our Ai looks at the last 3 social media posts and formulates a personalised sentence for you.

Drip Campaigns

The average reply rate across all Influencer Hero users is 43%! 

automated Outreach

Reach out to hundreds of influencers with a click of button.
Reaching out to more influencers enable you to pick the best deals.

Follow Ups

Create email sequences using automated follow ups which will 2X your reply rate. Influencers which reply will automatically exit the flow.


Use custom placeholders to personalise your outreach. We replicated the definition of the placeholders of Klaviyo to ensure ease of use.

Leverage Ai & ChatGPT

Work smarkter not harder and leave your competition behind through Ai automation

Personalized sentence

Based on the last social media posts our Ai will formulate a hyper personalised sentence not only max. your reply rates but also improving relationships.

ChatGPT Integration

Use our Ai integration to add ChatGPT prompts directly into the CRM using hyper personalised replies and automating manual tasks.

Join 250+ brands & 50+ marketing Agencies

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Join 250+ brands & 50+ agencies. We help small businesses which are just starting out all the way to publicly traded companies working with Clients like Disney, TOYOTA and Samsung.

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