Competitor Report

Interested in how your competitors perform against you when it comes to influencer marketing and social media? Simply add your main competitors on the right and let our analysts curate a personalised analysis on your competitors and receive a detailed competitor report completely for free! 

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Detailed Competitor Report

Simply add your three main competitor's Instagram handle above and receive a detailed report on their influencer marketing efforts. The report will be in PDF form and will be send to your email so you can access it any time! 

Competitor Insights

See with which influencers your competitors work with and the expected results they are getting in terms of traffic, clicks and conversions. Directly access branded posts from your competitor to see how they manage their influencer program.

Social media comparison

How do you stack against your competition when it comes to social media. Posting frequently is important and influencers can help with this. Stop posting boring branded content and elevate your content strategy using high quality influencer UGC! 

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