Paid Social With Influencer UGC

Our media buying team work closely together with our influencer management team to combine high quality branded assets with organic UGC to max. ROI. Our experts manage multi channel campaigns across Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.

Our Approach

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Strategic planning

Through a detailed campaign brief we combine your input with our advice to create a plan for your exact needs.


Based on the audit we ensure correct pixel and any other tracking set up to max. attribution and data collection

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Influencer UGC

Our influencer management team will collect high quality UGC from influencers tailored for your paid ads.

Branded content

By combining influencer UGC with high quality branded content we maximise results.

Trust Building
Test & Scale

After publishing the creatives we run detailed analysis and leverage detailed data to enhance performance & scale

Auto Layout

Through detailed reports to share all progress, insights and max. transparency

Influencer Whitelisting

Run ads through influencers account

We leverage influencer whitelisting to leverage third-party recommendations at scale in combination with hyper targeted audience selection. Build LLA based on Influencer followers and more.

Brand & influencer content
Run ads through business profile
run ads through influencer channels (whitelisting)

Advanced Tech

As a technology company we are able to leverage the newest tech to max. results

Ai powered Personalised Outreach

We know how important personalisation is within influencer marketing . This is why our Ai integrations ensure a personalised touch in every message we sent

Affiliate Marketing

The underlying basis of performance within influencer marketing is affiliate tracking . Know exactly where your ROI is coming from and max. attribution.

Auto collect all posts

High quality UGC which can be re used is one of the major advantages working with influencers. Our tools ensure that all UGC is automatically collected.

Ready to start and Maximise ROI?

Work with our team and experience the results when advanced technology is combined with top talent! 

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