Influencer CRM

Manage all your campaigns and relationships through one centralised CRM. Track performance, payouts, UGC and product send outs all from one deal page. Leave your competition behind using our ALL-IN-ONE Creator Management Platform.

Campaign Management

Manage influencers at scale through our Influencer CRM

Automated sequences

The deals will move automatically from left to write based on action points like replies, product send out and received post

Outreach Boards

To work with new influencers your campaign board is structured as a funnel from left to right making it easy to track progress and manage your team.

Relationships Boards

Use separate boards for long lasting partnerships and continue to work with your best performing influencers.

all your data in one place

Each of your influencers have their own "deal page" with all data centralised

Affiliate & Performance Tracking

Easily access past performance of each individuals influencer through the deal page enabling you to allocate budgets accordingly.

UGC & creative assets

Not only access all creative assets through our content library but also see influencer specific posts through their respective deal page.

Product send outs, address & contact details

Gather contact details, address, previous notes in one centralised deal page and dispatch products with a click of a button through our store integration.

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