Case Study: How Olivida achieved 7.2X ROAS using Influencer Hero

November 21, 2023
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Peter Nettesheim
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About The Brand

Olivida is a skincare & beauty brand which provides a wide range of skincare & beauty products together with tailored skincare advice through their beauty salons in various locations in the Netherlands. 

Marketing Mix

Up until now, their e-commerce traffic was mainly based on a combination of Google paid ads & organic SEO. 

The Challenge

Adding social media to their marketing mix proved challenging due to low ROAS for Meta paid social, which they assumed was caused by high competition and large enterprises pushing up the cost, making it difficult for SMEs to be profitable with Meta ads. 

The Solution

Adding Influencer Marketing to support their social media strategy and bring down their CPM for Paid Social. By intelligently combining automatic gifting campaigns with a robust affiliate model, Olivida was able to keep costs low while identifying top-performing influencers to maximise ROI. Not only did they achieve a stunning 7.2X ROAS (marketing cost consisted of COGS for gifting, shipping cost & affiliate payments) within their initial campaign, but they were also able to identify 7 top performing influencers who have been welcomed to their Brand Ambassador program for a long term partnership, further increasing ROI. 

Adding Influencer Marketing to their overall advertising efforts Olivida was able to reduce their avg. CAC by >150% and taking their recurring business model and high CLTV into account it opened up a path to sustainable growth.

Further Impact

By re-utilising Influencer-generated content for their Meta paid social ads, they were able to increase their Meta ROAS for cold acquisitions from 1.1X to a profitable 2.6X. A significant benefit of influencer marketing is the overall amplification of your other marketing efforts through social proof, for which Olivida’s success is the perfect example. 

How did Olivida do this?

Step 1: Influencer Outreach

Thanks to the synergy between Olivida and beauty influencers, they were able to get influencers to agree to an initial gifting campaign. Using Influencer Hero’s automated influencer outreach, Olivida reached out to hundreds of influencers with a click of a button, enabling them to pick the best deals. 

Step 2: Influencer Gifting

By utilizing Influencer Hero's automated influencer gifting feature, it was remarkably easy to quickly send products to top beauty influencers who matched their ethos, making every collaboration count.

Step3: Affiliate Marketing

As for the affiliate side, Instagram beauty influencers were empowered to share their genuine experiences with Olivida's products, all while earning through the Influencer affiliate payments program. This not only boosted sales but also added authenticity to the promotions—a crucial factor for today's well-informed consumers.

Step4: Collecting UGC and re-using it for Paid Social

"One of the most convenient features of Influencer Hero is the automatic content collection feature" - Daimy Boot CEO of Olivida. Using Influencer Hero's automatic influencer post capture tool, Olivida was able to detect all Influencer generated content and access it conveniently through their content library. Using our set templates to request permission to use the creatives for their paid social further streamlined the process. Adding Influencer generated content to their Meta cold acquisitions campaigns as well as retargeting ads significantly improved their ROI on paid social making it finally profitable to allocate budgets on Meta and add social media to their marketing mix.

The Right Match: Instagram and Skincare Influencers

Olivida's success story couldn't have been scripted without a nod from the skincare influencers who brought expertise and trust to the table. Olivida chose influencers who genuinely care about clean beauty, echoing their advocacy for natural products. The Instagram beauty influencers they worked with not only highlighted the brand's skincare line but also gave personal tips and tricks, adding a personal touch to their promotions.

The Makeup Connection: Fostering Influencer Collaborations

Olivida's strategy also capitalised on the cross-section of skincare with beauty, especially through makeup influencers on Instagram. By realising that clean skincare forms the perfect canvas for beauty routines, the brand reached out to makeup influencers who could show the impact of good skincare beneath the layers of makeup. 

These top makeup influencers and TikTok makeup influencers brought their creative flair to Olivida's products, translating to standout content and genuine product endorsements from some of the best makeup influencers out there.

The Result:

The key learning point here is simple, delightful products paired with the right voices can create a ripple effect on all marketing channels, which Olivida mastered with Influencer Hero's assistance.

Beauty Marketing, Simplified

As we rival through an era marked by savvy consumers, Olivida’s partnership with Influencer Hero signals a brilliant manoeuvre, distilling complex influencer relationships into streamlined success stories. For any e-commerce brand out there, Influencer Hero stands as a testament to what can be achieved when influential voices in beauty come together towards a common goal.

Are you ready to replicate Olivida's success and maximise your own influencer marketing efforts? Find out how our Influencer Software can help you connect with the right beauty and makeup influencers that align with your brand, effortlessly manage campaigns, and calculate your ROI with precision.

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