In this article, we will outline the details of a $35K+ Valentine’s Influencer campaign. 


  • US-based 
  • CMS: Shopify 
  • B2C with AOV of around $110 

Before we dive in, let's explain their existing marketing mix for this store to put this case study more into context. 

Marketing mix: 

  • Core channel and traffic driver: Influencer Marketing 
  • Meta: retargeting ads only on a small budget using Influencer whitelisting 
  • Email Marketing: Klaviyo 
Valentine's Campaign User Sessions Shopify

About the Valentine’s Day Campaign

Starting your campaign early is key. As customers frequently shop for gifts for their loved ones, you want to make sure that your promotion starts at least 2 weeks before Valentine’s Day, ideally 3 weeks, giving your customers enough time to purchase and receive their gifts in time. 

In this case, the promotion's start date was January 28, which is reflected in the increase in sales (see screenshot above). 

In order for the campaign to start on Jan 28. We initiated the reach out to the influencers on January 5, giving us enough time to discuss the campaign brief, negotiate, and send new products that had to be advertised. 

If you want to boost Influencer UGC through paid social and activate the assets for the campaign, it is recommended to start 2-3 weeks earlier so you have sufficient time to discuss creative briefs. 

What is important to understand is that we invited influencers with whom we had already established a relationship. They have previously received a product and posted at least once for the brand. We manage these influencer relationships through the relationship boards within the Influencer CRM

Below, you can find the template that we used to invite the influencers. Access all Valentines Influencer Campaign Templates Here.


If you have yet to become an Influencer Hero user, you might ask yourself what’s with the strange formatting and the curly brackets. These are placeholders that automatically populate within Influencer Hero. That way, if you have already signed up for Influencer Hero, you can directly copy and paste these into your template manager. 

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Now, after you have invited your Influencers, there are three possible replies. 

  1. They show interest and ask for more info 
  2. They ask if you have a budget for this campaign 
  3. No reply 

Below, you can find the templates for each of these scenarios. 



No reply 

With influencer marketing, good communication is vital. Remember that influencers get a lot of messages every day. Sending frequent follow-ups is a must. You can automate all this using our Influencer outreach drip campaigns and scheduled email sequences. 

While negotiating, try to make your offer as attractive as possible despite limited budgets. Sum up all the perks and gifts and explain the potential for earning additional money through your affiliate system. 

Once your influencers agree, don’t forget to dispatch the products on time and keep shipping times in mind. Using our influencer gifting feature, which is integrated with your CMS like Shopify and WooCommerce, you can directly dispatch products to influencers with a click of a button. 

Once the products have been dispatched, the work doesn’t stop there. Make sure to remind your influencers before your campaign starts using the template below. 

Once the influencers have posted, which is automatically tracked through our Influencer UGC feature, remember to thank them and try to get them to continue to share about your promotion while it is live. 

Use the template below for this: 


Don’t lean back yet. For seasonal campaigns, we always generate the most revenue in the final days of the campaign, which you can see in the screenshot below. 

Why is this? - Urgency is, without a doubt, one of the strongest drivers to convert prospects into loyal customers.

Imagine how 20-30 influencers talk to their followers, urging them to use their code as the offer expires today at midnight. For this Valentine’s campaign, we had the final day of the sale on Valentine’s Day itself (Feb. 14). 

Two Benefits: 

  • You often get an additional post for free from the creators 
  • These final reminder posts often convert best due to urgency & FOMO 

Use the template below to remind your influencers of the campaign closing and get them to share about your promotion ending. 

Now that your campaign has ended thank all the influencers who participated using the template below. 

All of this requires hard work, but - hard work pays off. Generally, the ROI on these campaigns is considerably higher than what you can achieve using Paid ads. The ideal mix would be to combine both. Boosting your overall marketing effectiveness using influencers. 

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