$100K+ Mothers Day Influencer Outreach Case Study

April 1, 2024
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Peter Nettesheim
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$100K+ Mothers Day Influencer Outreach Case Study

Mothers day is coming up which for a lot of brands is a key selling moment. If you are organising a mother's day campaign with influencers this case study is for you.

We will explain in detail how we organised, implemented and achieved $100K+ in revenue through influencers alone.

Tools we used:

To understand the context better it is important to know that we started our clients influencer program 8 months prior to this Mothers day campaign. This allowed us to build up a group of performing influencers which we then invited to this Mother’s day influencer marketing campaign. 

In the months prior to the mothers day campaign we worked with around 50-100 influencers / month out of which we identified around 2-3 high performing (>10 conversions / story post) and 5-15 medium performing influencers (3 - 9 conversions / story post) with which we started a long lasting relationship. 

We will explain step by step how we did this and make sure to stick to the end as we will be sharing all the templates we used to organise the mother’s day campaign.

Step 1: Find relevant influencers for our client

We used Influencer Hero’s Influencer search tool to quickly find relevant influencers. Using the Influencer lookalike filter in combination with the location filter enabled us to quickly find relevant influencers. 

Step 2: Setting up the outreach  

When working with influencers automation is key. With Influencer Hero’s automated Influencer outreach tool we created drip campaigns which allowed us to reach out to thousands of influencers with a click of a button. By enabling their Ai-powered personalised sentence we maintained keeping things personal resulting in a 42% reply rate. 

Step 3: Identifying performing influencers

Once the influencer posts it is crucial to track the data so you know exactly how many sales each of the influencers generated. We used Influencer Hero’s native affiliate marketing integration to track sales and clicks, identify performing influencers which we then welcomed to our brand ambassador program to build up a long lasting relationship with. 

From a performance perspective it is important to understand that influencer marketing follows a strong power law distribution and we often refer to the 80/20 or Pareto Principle in influencer marketing: 20% of the influencers you work with generate 80% of your revenue. You can read more on what performance you can expect from influencer marketing in our detailed blog post here.

Step 4: Organise the Mother’s Day influencer marketing campaign

Now that we have built up a group of performing influencers we invited all these influencers to participate in our Mother’s day campaign. Using an organised Influencer CRM allowed us to effectively manage these relationships and to quickly invite and manage the campaign.

When we invited the performing influencers we prepared packages of multiple posts and we used past performance data to forecast and allocate budget accordingly. You can read our detailed article on how to maximise ROI with high performing influencer here

Below, you can find the template that we used to invite the influencers:

SUBJECT: {{ firstname|default(influencer_handle) }} – ENTER YOUR BRAND NAME Partnership Invitation
Hi {{ firstname|default(influencer_handle) }},

I hope you are doing great!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and we would love to celebrate this with you!

Mother’s Day is one of our most important campaigns of the year and we would be thrilled to have you join.

As one of our invited partners, you will have access to an
exclusive XY% discount code for your followers, along with a XY% affiliate commission on all referred sales! 

In exchange, we would like to send you one of our best-selling
ENTER PRODUCT to try out: 

 A lot of people will be looking for gifts which will greatly benefit your affiliate commission. Can we send your ENTER PRODUCT? :)


If you have yet to become an Influencer Hero user, you might ask yourself what’s with the strange formatting and the curly brackets. These are placeholders that automatically populate within Influencer Hero. That way, if you have already signed up for Influencer Hero, you can directly copy and paste these into your template manager. 

The communication doesn’t stop after the invite. You will often have to negotiate with the influencers and once they agree to participate don’t forget to send out reminders to ensure that they post when your campaign starts. 

Access all our mother’s day influencer communication templates here

Although our brand ambassadors we worked with long terms already had received products before, we always prefer to send out new products for an influencer seasonality campaign like this. We send out the products in a way that the package arrives at the launch date which helps as an additional reminder to post and it is always good to have an influencer post a new product as it looks better than a used product. We used Influencer Hero’s Influencer gifting tool which integrates with your store to quickly dispatch products to influencers. 

Make sure to follow up during the campaign to maximise the number of posts you receive from the influencers. The revenue you achieve is essentially determined by: 

  1. The number of influencers you are able to onboard: especially your high performers 
  2. The number of times each influencer posts 

The challenge is to balance this keeping the relationship to the influencer in mind. If you send too many emails asking for more posts you could risk damaging the relationship to the influencer which would have a negative effect on your long term goal. 

Following this simple approach allowed us to sell $100K+ in merchandise for our client achieving a 8.2X ROAS calculated based on influencer compensation and product cost (excluding our management fee). 

If you are interested to learn how you can replicate this for your brand schedule a free consultation with one of our media experts here.

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