Top 10 Macro, Micro, and Nano Fitness Influencers Making an Impact

November 2, 2022
8 Min
Peter Nettesheim
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Discover some of the most influential figures in the fitness industry and learn the power of influencer marketing in this deep dive into Instagram's biggest stars.

Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or a D2C e-commerce brand exploring collaborations, tapping into the power of Instagram's fitness influencers can significantly boost brand visibility and engagement. Let's delve into the world of Instagram fitness influencers, divided into three dynamic categories: Macro, Micro, and Nano

Macro Influencers

1. Kayla Itsines: Kayla is an Australian fitness trainer and author known for her "Sweat with Kayla" workout plan. Kayla has over 16 million followers and tops the list of the hottest Instagram fitness influencers.

2. Simeon Panda: One of the most influential fitness professionals globally, Simeon Panda has garnered fame with his hardcore workouts and authentic voice.

3. Michelle Lewin: Michelle is a top female fitness influencer on Instagram, inspiring millions with her fitness journey and detailed workout guides.

4. Jen Selter: Jen is recognised for her sculpted physique. With more than 14 million followers, Jen motivates her audience with intense lower-body-focused workouts.

5. Chris Heria: With over 1.5 million followers, Chris shares effective training tips and motivates followers with bodyweight workouts. He’s the founder of Thenx - a Calisthenics fitness program.

6. Kelsey Wells: Certified personal trainer and creator of the PWR workout programs. With 3 million followers, Kelsey advocates for strength training for women and shares her own fitness journey.

7. David Laid: Fitness model and bodybuilder with over 4 million followers. David showcases his physique and dedication to bodybuilding, offering workout tips and transformation stories.

8. Massy Arias: With 3 million followers, Massy promotes inclusive fitness, featuring diverse workout routines and encouraging a holistic approach to health.

9. Gunnar Peterson: Fitness trainer and performance specialist with over 400K followers. Gunnar shares insights into his training methods and provides valuable fitness advice.

10. Paige Hathaway: Fitness entrepreneur and model with 4 million followers. Paige gained fame through her fitness transformation journey and offers a mix of workouts, nutrition tips, and motivational content.


1. Natacha Océane: London-based Natacha has captured the attention of fitness enthusiasts with her fun workout routines, packing science-backed health-centric content.

2. Demibagby: California's own Demi Bagby, a CrossFit athlete, is known for her elaborate strength and flexibility posts.

3. Aishazaza: A micro-influencer making waves in the fitness community with her fitness podcast “The Mindset Mile”. Aisha’s engaging approach and relatable fitness journey resonate with her diverse audience.

4. Jackedsantini: His content features intense workout sessions, fitness advice, and glimpses into his personal fitness journey. Jack Santini inspires his 13.9K followers to pursue their fitness goals with determination and passion.

5. Fitladybug: With a focus on positivity and well-being, Toni shares workout routines, healthy recipes, and motivational content to encourage her 25K Insta followers.

6. Actively_holly: Her Instagram features a  mix of workouts, outdoor activities, and insights into maintaining a healthy balance. Her content inspires others to stay active and enjoy the journey to better health.

7. Cowgirlup225: Laura shares her fitness journey with over 19,000 followers. Her content is a blend of lifestyle, fitness tips, and a touch of cowgirl inspiration, appealing to a diverse audience.

8. Joeythedancer: Infusing dance into the fitness narrative, this micro-influencer shares dance-based workouts, performance snippets, and the joy of staying fit.

9. Jyhodges: Gerald offers a variety of workout routines and wellness insights. His content focuses on accessible fitness for different lifestyles, making it relatable to a diverse audience.

10. Clgordon1: Christin shares her fitness journey on Instagram, connecting with her followers on a relatable level. Her profile provides a mix of personal anecdotes and fitness-related content.

Nano Influencers

1. Daniel Physique: This Fitness enthusiast shares authentic content centered around his journey, workouts, and life, making him one of the best fitness influencers on Instagram in the Nano category.

2. Lilly Sabri: Lilly is a qualified physiotherapist, gaining rapid popularity with her Pilates and high-intensity workout videos.

3. Suzie_kb: Suzie is a fitness model and personal trainer who uses her platform to share fitness tips and motivate her followers.

4. Loganmbartels: Logan Bartels shares his fitness journey with 4.5K followers on Instagram. His content includes workout routines, progress updates, and a genuine approach to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

5. Linz.e: Lindsey shares fitness routines, nutrition insights, and snippets of her daily life, creating a relatable and engaging space for her 3.9K followers.

6. Andrea_lea_fitness: Her Instagram features workout ideas, wellness tips, and a glimpse into her personal fitness journey, inspiring her 2.6K followers to prioritise their well-being.

7. Ramneeksroutine: Ramneek Bindra is a fitness trainer with 2.6K followers. Her Instagram is dedicated to workout inspiration, wellness practices, and a positive perspective on embracing a fit lifestyle.

8. 5ive_c_fitness: With 1.9K followers, Cyn Roberts’ Instagram showcases workouts, health tips, and a blend of personal insights, creating a space that resonates with those seeking a down-to-earth approach to fitness.

9. Lashawn.116: Trey Saint’s content emphasises consistency, progress tracking, and the joy of staying active, offering motivation to his 2K followers.

10. Ufitsomatic: Utkarsha Patil, with 1.3K followers, is a nano-influencer encouraging her audience to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle.

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