How to Crush BFCM with Influencers in 2023?

August 20, 2023
7 Min
Peter Nettesheim
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We are approaching the busiest shopping days of the year worldwide and with it one of the biggest opportunities to grow your brand and maximise your ROAS. 

The channel with the biggest impact on your Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) campaign is not email marketing or paid ads. Welcome to the world of influencer marketing through which you can achieve 15X to 20X+ ROAS leveraging our step by step guide. 

Why is Influencer Marketing So Important?

To start with, we first need to understand why influencer marketing is so powerful especially during the biggest shopping season of the year. To understand this let's look at what most brands do during these seasons which is increasing their marketing spend on various paid channels and sending more email marketing campaigns with jaw-dropping deals and squeeze them into the holiday gift list of their potential customers.

What is the effect of this? You guessed it, higher CPMs and overall cost to advertise which might increase your revenue but eats into your margin and reduces your ROAS. The charts below shows the average CPM and CPC for Facebook/Meta ads throughout the year. The spike in cost during November is the result of all advertisers increasing their budget during this time. 

Average Facebook CPM by Campaign Objective
April 20 - March 21: Average Facebook CPM by Campaign Objective
Average Facebook CPC
April 21 - April 22: Average Facebook CPC

In comparison, the cost of partnering with an influencer doesn’t go up while the conversion on influencer posts goes up significantly during this time of the year. Let your competitors compete on paid ads while you achieve significant results closing deals with influencers.

This isn’t easy however as you have to start early and influencer marketing is a lot more operational compared to paid ads. This guide will help you to be prepared and crush this year's BFCM campaign leveraging influencers.

Steps to Follow to Make an Impactful BFCM Influencer Campaign

Now you might be asking yourself how does a BFCM campaign with influencers look like? In simple words, you want to have as many influencers as possible share about your offer on Black Friday and Cyber Monday or around those dates. This will lead to a snowball effect where people will see your offer from multiple angles because of audience overlap. 

Follow the steps below to be prepared and maximise the impact of your BFCM influencer campaign. 

1. Start Early:

Although the influencer might not necessarily charge more during November they often do work with other brands. If you contact them 2 weeks before BFCM changes are they already filled their calendar with promotional posts which makes it more difficult to get a lot of influencers onboard.

If you have the capacity make sure to engage with your influencer early ideally around 2-3 months before your campaign. That way it is less obvious that you are being nice to them with a commercial intent. Engaging with your influencer in advance will increase the likelihood of closing friendlier deals when you need to close them for your campaign. 

2. Prepare Your Inventory and Forecast Your Cash Flow:

With influencer marketing your marketing spend heavily shifts towards product cost (which you sent to influencers) and shipping cost. Make sure to forecast the demand to have the inventory you need to both send to your influencers as well as fulfil customer orders. 

3. Reach Out to Your Influencers:

Make sure to make the campaign as attractive as possible to the influencer and close deals. Read our detailed guide on how to organise influencer seasonality campaign here to understand how to manage the outreach and structure your campaign 

4. Make Sure to Send a Reminder Before the Posting Date:

Influencers are also human beings. Make sure to remind them one or two days before the campaign launch to have everyone prepared

5. Make Sure that Everything is Set in Place and You Don’t Have Any Technical Issues on the Day Your Campaign Launches:

With these kinds of campaigns the revenue spikes on the days the influencer post which is very different compared to paid ads which is often more equally distributed. The last thing you want is that put in all the work but your website has an issue or the discount code isn’t working which negatively impact your campaign.

Make sure to double check everything and then the best part sit back and see the biggest spike in revenue you ever experienced. 15X+ to 20X+ ROAS during these campaigns is not uncommon, if managed correctly. The following variables have the biggest impact on your campaign success. 

  • Number of (performing) influencers onboarded 
  • Number of posts per influencer 

Learn more on How to Structure Your BFCM Campaign Effectively by reaching out to one of our Media Expert and schedule a meeting here.

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