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February 19, 2024
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In this article, we will outline the details of an international expansion campaign into the UK, for which we primarily leveraged influencers. 


  • Client: US-based
  • CMS: Shopify
  • Objective: Establish a presence in the UK to further expand 

Until we started working with this client, most of their sales (95%) were generated in North America, mainly in the US, with around 7-8% of sales coming from Canada. 

Based on their market research, they identified the UK as one of their key target markets to accelerate their growth and international presence. 

A couple of factors played a role in this decision:

  • High e-commerce penetration 
  • Showed similarities to their existing markets (US & Canada) 
  • High disposable income and willingness to spend on higher-priced items 
  • Existing 3PL had a warehouse in the UK, enabling to keep logistics under one roof 
Shopify Analytics: Store Revenue

Before the launch of the Easter Campaign:

Several months before Easter, we met with the client and proposed our plan. Keep an always-on influencer channel where we “test” new influencers each month to identify high-performing influencers who will be welcomed to our brand ambassador program. Working with affiliate & gifting campaigns in this stage allowed us to keep costs low while identifying top-performing influencers. 

Up until the launch of the easter campaign, we had identified a solid group of performing influencers, which we then used to organise an easter campaign. Read our detailed article, 10X+ ROI with influencer seasonality campaigns, here

About the Easter Campaign

The client operated within the home & living sector, and we knew that gifting during family get-togethers was the key purchasing moment. This is why we wanted to start early to ensure customers get their gifts in time to come together with their families during Easter. 

The ideal timeline to start your influencer seasonality campaign was 3 weeks before the gift date. This date allows 2 whole weeks of purchasing time + 1 week of shipping to get the gift in time. Balancing the timing is crucial as you don’t want to start too early, where getting a gift is not top of mind yet. Still, you also want to avoid starting late, as your potential customers might have already purchased the gift or get hesitant due to the risk of not getting the gift in time. 

Below is the invitation email we send out to our existing influencers. Click here for all easter campaign templates, including influencer invite, follow-up, negotiation, and closing templates

{{ firstname|default(influencer_handle) }} – ENTER YOUR BRAND NAME Partnership
Hi {{ firstname|default(influencer_handle) }},

I hope you are doing great! 

We are having an Easter campaign throughout the month of March and we would love to work with you again!

As one of our invited partners, you will have access to an
exclusive XY% discount code for your followers, along with a XY% affiliate commission on all referred sales! 

In exchange, we would like to send you one of our best-selling
ENTER PRODUCT to try out: 

Would you be interested in being part of this? Your support would mean the world to us!

Can we count you in? :)


Influencer List Widget
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Influencer List Image

We typically decide how to allocate budgets based on past performance. We use a simple Google sheet to export the data we need to forecast expected sales based on which we can allocate budgets. 

Below, you can find an overview of the data you need to forecast budgets: 

  • Total sales 
  • Number of posts 
  • % unattributed sales 

Simply put, you want to forecast how many sales you can expect and decide what % of the expected revenue you can afford to bring the influencer on board. 

To calculate this: 

A risk is always involved, as a post could perform less compared to previous posts. It could, however, also be the other way around. That being said, to hedge the downside, we typically prefer to work with a combination of fixed payments and a performance-based affiliate structure to balance this out with medium to lower-performing influencers. With high-performing influencers, working only with a fixed component is typically more cost-effective. 

Now, getting back to the easter campaign, there are typically three possible outcomes once you have invited your influencers. 

  • They show interest and ask for more info 
  • They ask if you have a budget for this campaign 
  • No reply 

Below, you can find the templates for each of these scenarios.

Hi {{ firstname|default(influencer_handle) }},

It is so great to hear you are interested! We are super excited to work with you again! :)

For this campaign your discount code: {{discount_code}} is set at {{discount_code_perc}} and your commission at {{commission_perc}}.

You can find the affiliate link and personal code which are both used to track your commission below:

Link: {{custom_link}}

{{discount_code_perc}} Code: {{discount_code}}

Looking forward to seeing your beautiful posts! :)


Hi {{ firstname|default(influencer_handle) }},

Thank you so much for your response! We totally understand how much time and effort it takes to manage an account like yours.

However, as a small business we are forced to work with a limited budget. 

For this easter Campaign, we would be able to offer you our

Meaning you will receive 20% of all referrals made through your affiliate link!

We are very excited to work with you again and would love to have you onboard for this campaign! 


Hi {{ firstname|default(influencer_handle) }},

Hope everything is well! 

I wanted to check in on you as our Eastern Campaign starts this

We would love to send you our
ENTER PRODUCT. Furthermore, you would also receive ENTER AFFILIATE% which means that you will receive ENTER AFFILIATE% on all referrals made through your affiliate link! 

Would you be open to making a story post when the campaign starts on the

Looking forward to hearing from you! :) 


In the realm of influencer marketing, establishing effective communication is crucial. It’s important to be aware that influencers receive numerous messages on a daily basis, so it’s essential to follow up frequently. This process can be streamlined using Influencer Hero, which allows for the automation of influencer outreach through drip campaigns and email sequences scheduled in advance.

When it comes to negotiations, it’s imperative to make your proposition as enticing as possible, even when working within budget constraints. Highlight all the benefits and gifts, and lay out the opportunities for generating extra income via your affiliate program.

After securing agreement from your influencers, ensure that the products are sent out promptly, considering any shipping durations. Our influencer gifting functionality integrates seamlessly with CMS platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce, facilitating the direct and effortless sending of products to influencers.

The effort doesn’t stop with the dispatching of products. It’s also necessary to provide reminders to your influencers before your campaign’s launch using the following template.

Hi {{ firstname|default(influencer_handle) }},

I hope you are doing well!

Just a friendly reminder that our Eastern campaign starts tomorrow! :) 

We are super excited to have you onboard! You can access your link and code below. 
  • Link: {{custom_link}}
  • {{discount_code_perc}} Code: {{discount_code}}
Let me know if you have any last minute questions! 


After the influencers have shared their posts, which our Influencer User-Generated Content (UGC) feature automatically tracks, expressing your gratitude to them is crucial. Additionally, encourage them to keep sharing information about your ongoing promotion.

For this purpose, utilize the template provided below:

Hi {{ firstname|default(influencer_handle) }},

Thank you so much for your beautiful post and for helping to announce the launch of our eastern campaign!! 

We loved your post and the way you

It would be great if you could continue to give your audience access to the offer which will stay active until

Thank you so much again for being part of this! 


Hold off on relaxing just yet. In the case of seasonal campaigns the majority of revenue is amassed during the concluding days of the promotion, as illustrated in the screenshot that follows. You can see the spikes in the analytics screenshot. Typically, you see a spike on launch day with slightly lower sales in between as it is often difficult to keep up momentum and a spike at the end of the campaign where we leverage urgency and FOMO to get additional posts and where conversions spike as customers don’t want to miss out on the offer. 

Use the template below to max your posting rate at the end of your campaign, as these are often the days that contribute most to sales. 

Hi {{ firstname|default(influencer_handle) }},

I hope you are having a great week! I just wanted to inform you that this will be the final weekend of our eastern campaign. 

In case you would like to give your fans one last chance to access the {{discount_code_perc}} offer (which ends on
ENTER DAY) you can use your link and code below :) 
  • Link: {{custom_link}}
  • {{discount_code_perc}} Code: {{discount_code}}
Let me know if you have any questions! 


Now that your campaign has ended, thank all the influencers who participated using the template below. 

Hi {{ firstname|default(influencer_handle) }},

Thank you so much for being part of this year’s easter campaign! 

It was a great success which wouldn’t have been possible without your support and as a small business partnering with you really means a lot! 

Your payment will be processed this week and you will receive a confirmation from me once it has been processed! 

Thank you again for being part of the campaign! If you have any questions you can always reach me! :) 

P.S. your affiliate account will stay active so you continue to earn affiliate commission.


You might think this is a lot of work, which is true. However, hard work pays off. The ROI on these campaigns often exceed 10X+, which is very difficult to achieve using paid channels. 

through these campaigns, you also collect a lot of UGC, which can be reutilised through paid channels. With long-lasting clients, we do the same campaigns each year, which is why we can boost the videos from previous campaigns through paid social. We then get access to the influencer's social media account so we can run the videos through their profile. This process is called influencer whitelisting and allows you to automate your influencer program while keeping the same organic and genuine impression. Read more about our paid advertising services on Meta here

If you are interested in replicating this for your brand schedule a free consultation with one of our Media Experts below! 

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