2X Your FB/IG Ads ROAS Using Whitelisting

June 23, 2023
10 Min
Guadalupe García
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We all know how competitive Facebook/Instagram ads (FB Ads) can be. Being unprofitable or barely break even, is not uncommon with cold acquisition campaigns, particularly after Apple’s 2021 IOS 14 update.

What if there is a way to 2X your performance with FB Ads by leveraging Influencers for your FB Ads?

Welcome to the world of Influencer Whitelisting. If you are not utilising this strategy and you are spending on FB ads you are leaving money on the table. Even if you are not running cold acquisition campaigns Influencer Whitelisting is highly recommended for your retargeting ads as well.

Now, you’re probably wondering, what exactly is Influencer Whitelisting? Simply put, Influencer Whitelisting refers to the process of obtaining permission to run ads through an influencer’s account instead of your own business manager account. Why is this so effective?

Your audience will perceive the advertisement as content since they’ll see it on the influencer’s account, but the CTA (call to action) still leads to your website. As a result, view rates increase, click-through rates rise, and your overall ROAS improves.

How to Set Up Influencer Whitelisting?

This all sounds great, but how do you get access to the influencer’s account? Luckily, Meta has made this process straightforward for us. Follow the steps below:

  1. Under settings in your Meta business manager click on “Partners” under Users
  2. Click on “Add: Ask a partner to share their assets”
  3. Ask the influencer for their business account ID and request the asset types
How to Set Up Influencer Whitelisting?

Once you gain access to the influencer’s Instagram page, you need to create your first influencer whitelisted ad. To do this, download the UGC (User Generated Content) from the influencer using your product and upload the content into your Meta Business Manager. Then, create your campaign as you would with any other ad, but instead of selecting your business, choose the influencer’s Instagram page.

Great! Now that we know how to set up influencer whitelisting, one critical question remains: how can you convince the influencer to grant you access to their Instagram page? Won’t they charge a lot of money for this? Actually, it’s easier than you might think because there is a mutual beneficial relationship with whitelisting. Curious what this relationship is and how you can convince the influencer in 1 simple step to partner with you through meta business manager?

For more Tips & Tricks read our full article "How to Convince an Influencer to Partner with You for Whitelisting".

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