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What to include in an Influencer contract

Crafting a comprehensive influencer marketing contract not only outlines the expectations and responsibilities of both parties but also paves the way for successful and mutually beneficial relationships. Before we explain step by step what is important to include in an influencer contract make sure to first outline the context why you need an influencer contract in the first place. The type of contract you will need will depend on your specific situation. In essence there are two types of campaigns for which we require different types of influencer contracts.

Influencer Contract for Affiliate & Gifting Campaigns

When working with affiliate and gifting campaigns it is important to understand that you want to structure the process as easy as possible for the influencer. As you are not paying them a fixed fee the moment the influencer things this requires a lot of time on their end they will stop replying. Carefully consider in this case if a contract is really needed and keep in mind that using a contract for these kind of campaigns can lead to a slight drop off of influencer which are willing to participate. Nevertheless, it is always good to protect your brand with a contract and if you decide to use a contract we recommend to use our brief (short) version which makes it easy for the influencer to understand. You want to avoid the influencer from getting to concern that they might need to consult with a legal expert before signing a long contract. Access our shorter brief influencer contract template above for free.

Influencer Contract for Fixed Payments & Content Briefs

When working with fixed payments with content guidelines and reviews before posting it is recommended to use a contract to manage expectations. In this case you could decide between the brief short version of the detailed contract. If all contracts are reviewed by an internal legal team it is recommended to use the detailed influencer contract template as this ensures that all elements are covered. As you are paying the influencers a fixed fee they will be more inclined to go through longer contracts and sign. Access our detailed influencer contract template above for free. Now that we discussed which type of contract to use in which situation lets dive into the different elements to include in an social media influencer contract.

1. Scope and Deliverables

A clear definition of the scope and deliverables is crucial in an influencer contract. This section should outline what is expected from the influencer, including the type(s) of content to be created (e.g., posts, stories, videos), the social media platforms to be used (social media influencer contract), and any specific messaging or calls to action to be included. Specifying deliverables ensures both parties are on the same page, reducing the likelihood of misunderstandings.

2. Term and Schedule

The term of the contract and the content posting schedule are vital elements. A well-drafted influencer marketing contract template will detail the campaign’s start and end dates, along with any key milestones or deadlines for content submission and publication. This section plays a critical role in ensuring the timed release of content, aligning with campaign objectives or promotional periods.

3. Compensation

The term of the contract and the content posting schedule are vital elements. A well-drafted influencer marketing contract template will detail the campaign’s start and end dates, along with any key milestones or deadlines for content submission and publication. This section plays a critical role in ensuring the timed release of content, aligning with campaign objectives or promotional periods.

4. Usage Rights and Exclusivity

Define the rights for content usage in the brand influencer contract. This includes stipulations about whether the brand can use the influencer's content for its own marketing purposes and, if so, for how long. Additionally, the contract should address any exclusivity clauses, preventing influencers from endorsing competing brands for a certain period.

5. Cancellation and Termination Clauses

Both the influencer management contract and the influencer should have a clear understanding of the grounds for termination and the process for contract cancellation. This not only includes failure to deliver agreed-upon content but also scenarios such as breach of contract or reputational damage.

6. Legal and Compliance

The influencer agreement contract must comply with legal requirements, including disclosure guidelines set by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for sponsored content. Ensure the contract mandates that all sponsored posts are clearly marked, maintaining transparency with the audience.


Drafting an influencer contract correctly is crucial. Including a comprehensive influencer contract checklist ensures that every key aspect—from scope and deliverables to compensation and legal compliance—is addressed and agreed upon. This approach not only aligns expectations but also secures a solid foundation for successful, mutually beneficial partnerships. At Influencer Hero, we help brands to navigate all the challenges of influencer marketing by providing the most advanced ALL-IN-ONE Influencer Marketing platform.

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FAQ & Competitor Comparison

What should be included in an influencer contract template

An influencer contract template should include key components such as:
- The scope of work including deliverables and deadlines.
- Payment terms detailing the amount, method, and timing of payments.
- Intellectual property rights and usage rights for both parties.
- Disclosure and compliance terms to adhere to legal requirements.
- Termination clauses specifying conditions under which the agreement can be ended.

How do I create an influencer contract?

Creating an influencer contract involves
- Identifying specific goals and expectations from the influencer marketing campaign.
- Drafting clear terms and conditions outlining each party's responsibilities, payment terms, and legal obligations.
- Using a comprehensive influencer contract template as a starting point can help ensure all critical aspects are covered.
- Consulting with legal professionals to ensure the contract complies with local laws and industry regulations.
Or simply access Influencer Hero's free influencer contract template.

Are influencer contracts legally binding?

Yes, influencer contracts are legally binding agreements when signed by both the brand and the influencer. They establish the terms and conditions under which the influencer will promote the brand's products or services, making them enforceable by law.

Can I get a free influencer contract template?

Free influencer contract templates can be found online through legal resources, marketing blogs, and industry websites. Influencer Hero also offers detailed influencer contract templates which are being used by thousands brands including both a detailed and brief version. However, it's important to customize any template to suit your specific needs and, if possible, review it with a legal professional to ensure it adequately protects your interests.

What happens if an influencer breaks a contract?

If an influencer breaks a contract, the specific consequences should be outlined within the termination or breach clauses of the agreement. Typically, this may involve the cessation of payments, the requirement to return any prepayments or products, or legal action to recover damages or enforce the terms of the contract.Please note, the field of influencer marketing and its legal implications are continually evolving. Always consult with a legal professional for the most current advice and to ensure any contract or agreement is appropriate for your specific circumstances.

How long should an influencer contract last?

The duration of an influencer contract varies depending on the campaign's scope and goals. It might range from a single post within a week to a long-term partnership spanning several months or even a year. The specific term should be clearly outlined in the contract, along with any conditions for renewal or extension. Short-term contracts are common for specific campaigns, while long-term agreements may be preferred for ongoing brand ambassadorships or collaborations that require a sustained effort over time. Deciding on the length of the contract should be a strategic choice that aligns with the marketing objectives and the nature of the partnership.

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