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How to Write an Influencer Brief

In the world of digital marketing, crafting an influencer brief is akin to laying down a solid foundation for a house. Just as the strength of a building relies on its bedrock, the success of an influencer collaboration heavily depends on the clarity and detail provided in the brief. Below, we break down the critical elements that should be incorporated into an influencer contract and explain why each is pivotal to achieve desired results.

1. Campaign Overview (Scope and Objectives)

Start your influencer marketing brief with a clear and concise summary of what the campaign is about. This should include the campaign’s objectives such as increasing brand awareness, driving sales, or launching a new product. Use this section to align expectations and provide a snapshot of the brand’s vision. A well-articulated campaign overview serves as a compass that guides all further details of the brief.

2. Target Audience

Understanding who you are trying to reach is crucial. Specify the demographic and psychographic characteristics of the audience you intend to target. This not only ensures that the influencer’s followers align with your brand’s target market but also helps the influencer tailor the content to meet the audience's preferences and needs.

3. Deliverables

Clear-cut expectations for what needs to be done are essential. This section should outline the specific tasks required from the influencer. Whether it’s Instagram posts, Stories, tweets, or YouTube videos, enumerating these deliverables ensures both parties are on the same page. Also, specify the number of revisions allowed per content piece if applicable.

4. Timeline

Include important dates in your influencer campaign brief. When is the content expected to go live? Are there specific milestones or deadlines for drafts or final versions? A well-structured timeline helps manage the pace of the campaign and ensures timely delivery of outcomes.

5. Content Guidelines

This part of the influencer brief directs the voice and personality that the influencer should incorporate into their content. It should reflect the brand’s tone and core messaging. Provide details on must-mention points, prohibited topics, and preferred hashtags. The more guidance you provide, the more likely you'll receive content that fits your brand’s image and ethos.

6. Budget and Compensation

Transparency about budget and compensation avoids any misunderstanding. It can be a fixed amount, commission-based, or a combination of both, depending on the agreement’s nature. Including this information in the influencer brief ensures that the influencer fully understands the investment and the expected return.

7. Legal Requirements and Brand Safety

Ensure that your influencer brief template includes a section on legalities and brand safety norms. This would cover copyright issues, disclosure requirements, and any industry-specific regulations that need to be adhered to. It protects both the brand and the influencer from potential legal pitfalls.

8. Performance Metrics

Define what success looks like by setting clear KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Whether it’s engagement rate, click-through rate, or sales numbers, aligning on these metrics helps both parties understand how the campaign’s success will be measured.

9. Contact Information and Support

Provide contact details for someone in your team who can assist the influencer with any queries or issues that may arise during the campaign. This fosters a collaborative relationship and helps swiftly tackle any potential hurdles.


Remember, a robust influencer brief is not just a guideline—it's a strategic tool that enables influencers to create compelling content that resonates with the audience while staying true to brand values. By incorporating these key elements into your influencer marketing brief, you pave the way for smoother collaborations and more impactful campaigns. Crafting detailed, clear, and concise influencer briefs is crucial to campaign success, ensuring objectives are met and both parties are satisfied with the campaign outcomes. Use tools simplifying the process like our free influencer brief template (download on top of this page) , or a sophisticated influencer marketing platform like Influencer Hero, that provide structured templates and management tools to streamline your influencer collaborations efficiently.

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FAQ & Competitor Comparison

What should be included in an influencer brief template?

An influencer brief template should include several key elements:
- Campaign Overview: Goals and objectives of the campaign.
- Target Audience: Detailed description of who the content is aimed at.
- Deliverables: Specific content requirements and posting schedule.
- Timeline: Important dates, from the content creation to posting.
- Content Guidelines: Tone of voice, key messages, and any mandatory elements like hashtags.
- Budget and Compensation Details: How much and how the influencer will be compensated.
- Legal Requirements: Disclosure guidelines and any other legal stipulations.
- Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Metrics for assessing the effectiveness of the influencer's content.

Why is an influencer brief important?

An influencer brief is crucial because it ensures both the brand and the influencer are aligned on expectations, objectives, and deliverables. It helps prevent misunderstandings, guides content creation to meet the campaign’s goals, and outlines the metrics for measuring success. Ultimately, a well-drafted brief leads to a more efficient campaign and helps achieve desired outcomes effectively.

How do I write an influencer marketing brief?

To write an effective influencer marketing brief, follow these steps:
- Clearly define your campaign objectives to align on the desired outcomes.
- Identify and describe your target audience to ensure content relevancy.
- Detail the specific deliverables, including types of content and posting frequency.
- Set a clear timeline for drafts, revisions, and final submissions.
- Outline content guidelines to maintain brand consistency.
- Specify budget and compensation to manage financial expectations.
- Include legal and disclosure requirements to comply with marketing laws.
- Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the campaign’s success.

Can you provide an example of an influencer brief?

An example of an influencer brief might include:
- Campaign Objective: Increase brand awareness and drive traffic to the new product launch page.
- Target Audience: Women aged 25-35 who are interested in skincare and beauty.
- Deliverables: 3 Instagram posts, 4 Stories, and 1 IGTV video.
- Timeline: Content start on June 1st, with final posts due by June 21st.
- Content Guidelines: Use upbeat and inspirational tone, include before/after images, and ensure all posts contain the campaign hashtag GlowAndTell and a direct link to the product page.
- Budget: $5000 total, payable upon completion.
- Legal: Must include “sponsored” in all posts.
- KPIs: Achieve a combined total of 30,000 engagements across all posts and drive at least 2000 clicks to the product page.

How long should an influencer brief be?

The length of an influencer brief can vary depending on the complexity of the campaign. However, it should be concise enough to be easily understood yet detailed enough to cover all necessary aspects of the collaboration. Typically, a well-articulated influencer brief could be anywhere from one to three pages long or 5 to 15 slides. It’s more about clarity and completeness than length — ensure you provide all the information needed without overwhelming the influencer with unnecessary details.

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