Unlocking the Power of Body Positivity Influencers: Your Ultimate Guide

February 23, 2024
14 Min
Peter Nettesheim
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How to Find Body Positivity Influencers

Leveraging influencers in the body positivity movement can be a powerful way to amplify your message and connect with your audience. Finding the right influencers requires a strategic approach, utilizing a variety of tools, platforms, and methods. From specialized websites and aggregators to social media platforms and analytics tools, there are numerous avenues to explore in identifying influential voices within the body positivity community.

1. Utilize Influencer Discovery Tools (like Influencer Hero)

Consider utilizing an influencer discovery platform like Influencer Hero for a streamlined and efficient approach. This platform simplifies the process of identifying and connecting with body positivity influencers, offering an intuitive interface and an extensive influencer database. With Influencer Hero's Influencer search tool, you can find the exact influencers you want to collaborate with, gaining insights into both the influencer and their audience followers. From location filters to detailed audience demographics, including age, gender, and fake followers, the tool provides the necessary resources to quickly find relevant influencers. Whether searching based on keywords or utilizing the lookalike feature powered by AI, identifying body positivity influencers is just a few clicks away. By leveraging Influencer Hero, brands can optimize their influencer campaigns, saving time and resources. To learn more, schedule a demo with us here.

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2. Maximize Social Media Platforms


Reddit serves as a rich platform for uncovering grassroots influencers and passionate advocates of body positivity. Dive into vibrant communities like r/BodyAcceptance and r/BodyPositivity to encounter individuals fostering genuine discussions about body image. Keep a keen eye on user engagement levels and authenticity within these communities to pinpoint potential influencers whose voices resonate authentically with your audience.


To discover body positivity influencers on Instagram, begin by utilizing the platform's search feature. Input relevant keywords such as "body positivity," "self-love," or "body acceptance" into the search bar. Explore the profiles that appear in the search results, paying attention to their content themes and messaging. Look for influencers who consistently promote body positivity through their posts, stories, and captions. Additionally, consider using hashtags like #bodypositive or #bopo to narrow down your search. Engaging with and following these influencers can signal to Instagram's algorithm your interest in this content, leading to more recommendations of related influencers. Once you've identified potential influencers, assess their content quality, engagement rate, and audience demographics to ensure alignment with your brand values and goals


Start by utilizing the platform's search feature and enter relevant keywords such as "body positivity," "self-love," or "body acceptance" into the search bar. Explore the videos and profiles that appear in the search results, paying attention to the content they create and the messages they convey. Follow accounts that consistently promote body positivity and positivity through their videos, comments, and captions. Additionally, engage with these influencers by liking, commenting, and sharing their content to signal to TikTok's algorithm your interest in this type of content, which may lead to more recommendations of similar influencers. Keep an eye on trending hashtags related to body positivity and self-love to discover new creators who are contributing to the conversation.


Use the platform's search bar to enter relevant keywords such as "body positivity," "self-love," or "body acceptance." Explore the videos and channels that surface in the search results, paying attention to creators who consistently share content promoting body positivity and self-acceptance. Additionally, browse through recommended videos and channels on the sidebar while watching related content to discover more influencers in this space. Engage with their content by liking, commenting, and subscribing to signal to YouTube's algorithm your interest in this niche. Furthermore, consider joining body positivity communities or forums where enthusiasts share recommendations for influential YouTubers in the body positivity movement.

Evaluate Audience Demographics of Body Positivity Influencers

1. Review Influencer Insights

Many influencers have access to Instagram's Insights feature, which provides data on their audience demographics. Ask the influencer for access to this information if it's not publicly available. Influencer Hero provides detailed analytics on each influencer’s audience, including their insights, engagement rate, reach, audience demographics, making it easier for you to find the relevant and good-performing influencers.

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2. Analyze Follower Demographics

Look at the age, gender, location, and language of the influencer's followers. This data can give you insights into whether the influencer's audience aligns with your target demographic.

<img src="Influencer-hero-body-positivity-audience-demographic.png" alt="Influencer hero software analysing audience demographic feature">

3. Assess Audience Engagement

Evaluate the level of engagement from the influencer's followers. High engagement rates indicate an active and involved audience, which can be more valuable for your brand. 

4. Identify Shared Values

Consider whether the influencer's audience shares similar values with your brand. Look for indications of interest in body positivity, self-love, diversity, and inclusivity. 

5. Look for Diversity

Assess the diversity within the influencer's audience in terms of body types, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and identities. A diverse audience indicates broader appeal and inclusivity. 

6. Cross-reference with Your Target Audience

Compare the influencer's audience demographics with your target audience demographics. Look for overlaps and similarities to determine if the influencer's following aligns with your brand's goals. 

7. Analyze Content Engagement

Examine the types of content that resonate most with the influencer's audience. Identify themes, topics, and messages that generate high levels of engagement, as these can offer valuable insights into audience preferences. 

8. Consider Influencer Niche

Evaluate whether the influencer specializes in a specific sub-niche within the body positivity movement, such as plus-size fashion, disability representation, or mental health advocacy. The audience demographics may vary based on the influencer's niche focus. 

9. Monitor Changes Over Time

Regularly revisit and reassess the influencer's audience demographics, as they may evolve over time due to shifts in content focus, collaborations, or external factors.

In conclusion, the journey to finding authentic body positivity influencers is both rewarding and essential for brands looking to connect with their audience in a meaningful way. By utilizing a combination of social media platforms, engagement metrics, and audience demographics, brands can identify influencers whose values align with their own. However, navigating this landscape can be time-consuming and complex. That's where Influencer Hero steps in. Our platform provides a streamlined approach to influencer discovery, offering comprehensive analytics and insights to ensure brands make informed decisions when selecting partners. With Influencer Hero, brands can confidently navigate the world of influencer marketing, forging meaningful collaborations that amplify messages of body positivity and empower audiences worldwide. Join us today and revolutionize your brand's influencer marketing strategy. Book a demo with us here.

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