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FAQ & Competitor Comparison

What is a fake follower?

A fake follower generally refers to any profile established for reasons aside from authentic Youtube engagement. These accounts might be set up to artificially boost likes or follower counts, to spam other users, or to gather data from other Youtube profiles. These followers are not part of your genuine audience base.

How can you tell if an influencer has fake followers?

Numerous indicators, such as incomplete profile details, comments that are irrelevant or resemble spam, and atypical patterns of engagement, can signal the presence of fake followers. Influencer Hero's Tool is based on an academic model developed by Phd computer science students from ETH Zurich university in Switzerland. The tool is able to detect fake followers with 99% accuracy.

What percentage of Youtube followers are fake?

Each profile is unique. It's common for profiles with a substantial follower base to exhibit a greater percentage of this irregularity compared to those with fewer followers. Generally, a rate exceeding 25% might indicate potential fraudulent activity.

Should I work with influencers who have fake followers?

Every influencer possesses a certain number of fake followers. The key is to concentrate on the count of genuine followers within your desired audience. Discovering that an influencer has 25% fake followers doesn't provide a complete picture. Consider a scenario where the influencer has half a million followers, and 75% of those align with your specified city, age range, and gender – coupled with a strong engagement rate.