Top 10 Macro, Micro, Nano Youtube US Influencers

June 13, 2024
14 Min
Denise Michelle
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Peter Nettesheim
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Top 10 Macro, Micro, Nano YouTube US Influencers

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, YouTube remains a dominant platform where influencers of all sizes—macro, micro, and nano—captivate diverse audiences with their unique content. Whether you are a brand looking to collaborate with a top-tier influencer, a rising star, or a niche creator, understanding the power and reach of these YouTube influencers is crucial. This article highlights the top 10 macro, micro, and nano YouTube influencers in the US, showcasing their impact and offering insights into how they can enhance your digital marketing strategies.

Understanding Macro, Micro, and Nano Youtube Influencers

Macro Youtube Influencers

  • Subscribers: 100,000 - 500,000
  • Characteristics:
    • Broad Reach: They have a large, diverse audience, which allows them to reach a wide range of viewers.
    • Professional Content: Their content is often highly polished and professionally produced, with high-quality video and audio.
    • Influence: They have significant influence and can drive substantial awareness and conversions for brands.
    • Sponsorships: Often collaborate with well-known brands and have established rates for sponsorships.

Micro Youtube Influencers

  • Subscribers: 10,000 - 100,000
  • Characteristics:
    • Niche Focus: Often focus on a specific niche or topic, which allows them to build a highly engaged and loyal audience.
    • Authenticity: Known for their authenticity and strong personal connections with their Subscribers, making their recommendations highly trusted.
    • Cost-Effective: Often more affordable for brands to collaborate with compared to macro influencers, offering a good balance of reach and engagement.
    • Content Quality: While they may not have the same level of production quality as macro influencers, their content is usually well-produced and resonant with their audience.

Nano Youtube Influencers

  • Subscribers: 1,000-10,000
  • Characteristics:
    • Personal Connections: Often have personal relationships with many of their subscribers, making their influence very strong on a per-follower basis.
    • Authenticity and Trust: Known for being extremely authentic and trustworthy, which can lead to high levels of trust and influence over their audience's purchasing decisions.
    • Content: Content might be less polished compared to macro influencers, but it is often seen as more relatable and genuine.
    • Cost-Effective: Usually the most cost-effective option for brands, making them ideal for smaller campaigns or for brands looking to reach a highly specific audience.

Macro Influencers

1. LindieSs: Shares her passion for luxury, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle through her YouTube channel, featuring hauls and reviews of high-end products.

  • Topics: Luxury, Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle
  • Subscribers: 123K
  • Average likes: 1.3K
  • Average views: 13.1K
  • Top audience country %: US (16%), Russia (13%), Indonesia (12%)

2. Hangtw
: Creates content for pet parents, fashion enthusiasts, and those seeking a glow-up, with a focus on healthy hair and a well-rounded lifestyle, both inside and out.

  • Topics: Haircare, Fashion, Pet Videos
  • Subscribers: 493K
  • Average likes: 62.9K
  • Average views: 935K
  • Top audience country %: US (38%), Philippines (8%), India (6%) 

3. Shopping with Amy
: Featuring reviews and recommendations for fashion, fitness, cooking, health and beauty products, with a focus on home goods.

  • Topics: Homegoods, Product Review
  • Subscribers: 215K
  • Average likes: 1K
  • Average views: 21.9K
  • Top audience country %: US (41%), India (11%), Vietnam (8%)

4. Kenan Grace
: a YouTube KOL focused on crypto, stock, and financial-related content, providing valuable insights for both beginners and experienced traders.

  • Topics: Financial, Investment
  • Subscribers: 498K
  • Average likes: 965
  • Average views: 10.5K
  • Top audience country %: US (77%), Canada (5%), UK (4%) 

5. Party of 4TV
: Delivers a thrilling mix of horror content, pranks, challenges, and creepy clown videos for an engaging and suspenseful viewing experience.

  • Topics: Family Prank, Horror, Challenge
  • Subscribers: 495K
  • Average likes: 874
  • Average views: 73.9K
  • Top audience country %: US (73%), UK (5%), Canada (3%)

6. Maya Graves
: a YouTube KOL who shares heartfelt content about family life, motherhood, and lifestyle, with a special focus on her journey with her newborn.

  • Topics: Lifestyle, Fashion, Family
  • Subscribers: 496K
  • Average likes: 1.8K
  • Average views: 20.4K
  • Top audience country %: US (74%), UK (3%), Canada (3%)

7. Luke Miani
: creates engaging YouTube videos that offer in-depth tech reviews and recommendations, primarily focused on computers.

  • Topics: Tech Review, Tech Recommendations 
  • Subscribers: 494K
  • Average likes: 4.5K
  • Average views: 107.1K
  • Top audience country %: US (37%), UK (8%), Canada (4%)

8. Meta Mike Gaming
: a VR enthusiast and content creator sharing his passion for virtual reality and gaming adventures on YouTube.

  • Topics: Gaming, VR
  • Subscribers: 490K
  • Average likes: 11.3K
  • Average views: 421.4K
  • Top audience country %: US (48%), UK (8%), Canada (5%) 

9. Finding Fiona
: Shares captivating travel adventures and beauty tips, offering a delightful blend of wanderlust and beauty inspiration.

  • Topics: Travelling, Beauty
  • Subscribers: 361K
  • Average likes: 50.3K 
  • Average views: 961.2K
  • Top audience country %: US (51%), UK (7%), Canada (6%)

10. Under a Tin Roof
: Shares the joys of harvesting, cooking, and preserving delicious foods grown on her charming little farm.

  • Topics: Cooking
  • Subscribers: 138K
  • Average likes: 1.8K
  • Average views: 34.6K
  • Top audience country %:  US (50%), Germany (6%), UK (6%)

Micro Influencers

1. Our Greene Acres: Teresa shares budget-friendly home decor ideas and DIY projects, focusing on simple, elegant, and budget-friendly shabby chic, French country, cottage, and farmhouse styles.

  • Topics: Home decor ideas, DIY projects
  • Subscribers: 99.9K
  • Average likes: 1.4K
  • Average views: 18.5K
  • Top audience country %: US (81%), Canada (5%), UK (2%)

2. TechBrothersReviews
: is a dynamic duo passionate about new technology, creating insightful videos that explore and recommend innovative gadgets for a simpler, better life.

  • Topics: Tech Review
  • Subscribers: 100K
  • Average likes: 136
  • Average views: 5.9K
  • Top audience country %: India (22%), US (10%), Philippines (9%)

3. Chris Han
: Offers a vibrant mix of social media insights, fashion trends, beauty tips, and lifestyle advice, with a focus on skincare routines and stylish outfits.

  • Topics: Skincare, Beauty, Fashion
  • Subscribers: 99.6K
  • Average likes: 825
  • Average views: 13.7K
  • Top audience country %: Turkey (38%), India (11%), US (7%) 

4. Sharatia Banks
: Shares insightful tips and tricks for maintaining healthy hair and lifestyle, along with beauty advice.

  • Topics: Healthy hair, Lifestyle, Beauty
  • Subscribers: 98.9K
  • Average likes: 1.1K
  • Average views: 17.9K
  • Top audience country %: US (69%), UK (4%), South Africa (3%)

5. Candis Halligan
: Offers inspiring home decor ideas and practical daily routine tips on her YouTube channel.

  • Topics: Daily routine, home decor, productivity, lifestyle
  • Subscribers: 97.5K
  • Average likes: 1.1K
  • Average views: 18.7K
  • Top audience country %: US (76%), Canada (3%), UK (2%) 

6. Simply Mander
: Offers a mix of fitness tips, CrossFit workouts, delicious recipes, beauty advice, and fun vlogs showcasing everyday adventures and struggles.

  • Topics: Fitness, Food, Beauty
  • Subscribers: 96.9K
  • Average likes: 495
  • Average views: 7.4K
  • Top audience country %: US (72%), Canada (6%), UK (4%) 

7. Michelle Meng
: Shares engaging and delicious cooking videos that inspire home cooks to create mouthwatering dishes.

  • Topics: Cooking
  • Subscribers: 88.9K
  • Average likes: 1.8K
  • Average views: 28.4K
  • Top audience country %: US (40%), India (12%), Canada (5%)

8. ALF’s Kitchen
: Passionately shares unique takes on favorite dishes, offering delightful and inspiring cooking content.

  • Topics: Cooking
  • Subscribers: 20K
  • Average likes: 1.5K
  • Average views: 36.3K
  • Top audience country %: US (57%), India (5%), Canada (3%)

9. Mike and Ashley
: Create engaging travel vlogs that inspire long-term travel on a mid-range budget, focusing on travel, food, and culture.

  • Topics: Travel, Food, Culture
  • Subscribers: 44.6K
  • Average likes: 979
  • Average views: 23.7K
  • Top audience country %: Thailand (50%), Vietnam (17%), US (13%)

10. Angelica Fedosky
: Shares her heartfelt family experiences, motherhood journey, and newborn moments through engaging videos on YouTube.

  • Topics: Family, Lifestyle, Motherhood
  • Subscribers: 44.5K
  • Average likes: 3.9K
  • Average views: 59.5K
  • Top audience country %: US (69%), Philippines (5%), Canada (3%)

Nano Influencers

1. Jeanariii: Arianne shares engaging and relatable content on YouTube, offering valuable insights into lifestyle, beauty, fashion, and her university routines.

  • Topics: Lifestyle, Beauty, Fashion
  • Subscribers: 10K
  • Average likes: 83
  • Average views: 1.9K
  • Top audience country %: US (48%), Ecuador (9%), Canada (9%) 

2. The Minimal Jess
: Jess, a self-taught web developer, shares insights on tech, productivity, self-learning, and self-discovery, inspiring others through her journey of simple living.

  • Topics: Tech, Productivity, Self-learning, Self improvement, Study Routine
  • Subscribers: 9.95K
  • Average likes: 72
  • Average views: 1.4K
  • Top audience country %: US (69%), Canada (5%), UK (4%) 

3. Evelyn Diaz
: Shares her 20's journey through aesthetic lifestyle, home decor hauls, productivity tips, and fun day-in-the-life vlogs.

  • Topics: Lifestyle, Productivity, Home Decor
  • Subscribers: 10K
  • Average likes: 113
  • Average views: 2.1K
  • Top audience country %: US (71%), Philippines (5%), Canada (5%) 

4. Ashley Hall
: Creates engaging and informative YouTube content focusing on beauty, body care, hair care, and fashion tips and trends.

  • Topics: Fashion, Beauty, Hair care, Body care
  • Subscribers: 9.88K
  • Average likes: 112
  • Average views: 2.1K
  • Top audience country %: US (84%), UK (2%), Canada (1%) 

5. Haide's Kitchen
: a food and lifestyle blog on YouTube that shares simple, easy, and quick cooking recipes, ensuring delicious meals anyone can enjoy.

  • Topics: Cooking
  • Subscribers: 8.08K
  • Average likes: 269
  • Average views: 5.5K
  • Top audience country %: Philippines (61%), US (6%), China 3% 

6. Ben Tested: Delivers engaging and informative DIY guides on their YouTube channel.

  • Topics: DIY guide
  • Subscribers: 6.63K
  • Average likes: 103
  • Average views: 5.2K
  • Top audience country %: US (53%), UK (18%), Australia (6%)

7. Amani Couture
: a 26-year-old Canadian living in Chicago, shares her vibrant life through fashion, food, and travel adventures.

  • Topics: Traveling, Lifestyle, Fashion, Food
  • Subscribers: 7.54K
  • Average likes: 146
  • Average views: 5.2K
  • Top audience country %: US (28%), UK (9%), Somalia (9%) 

8. Lauren Allure
: Shares her passion for stylish interior design, home decor, beauty, and fashion on her YouTube channel.

  • Topics: Interior design, Home Decor, Beauty, Fashion
  • Subscribers: 8.69K
  • Average likes: 434
  • Average views: 6.9K
  • Top audience country %: US (89%), Canada (3%), South Africa (2%)

9. Travel Far Eat Local
: an American content creator whose videos about travel, food, history, and adventure convey the message of human similarity through storytelling about a place's history, culture, and food.

  • Topics: Traveling, Food
  • Subscribers: 8.9K
  • Average likes: 360
  • Average views: 9.7K
  • Top audience country %: US (25%), Japan (8%), Thailand (6%) 

10. Ben Tolliday
: a 22-year-old triathlete and fitness enthusiast, shares a variety of content related to triathlons, fitness, and workout challenges on his YouTube channel.

  • Topics: Fitness, Runner
  • Subscribers: 8.78K
  • Average likes: 526
  • Average views: 11.8K
  • Top audience country %: US (33%), Brazil (10%), India (5%)

The list above showcases top YouTube influencers from various categories that can be used for your campaign. Identifying the right influencers is crucial to maximizing your campaign's success. It is important to check their average performance and audience reach, which we have prepared for you in the list. Combining macro, micro, and nano influencers in your campaign is also a good strategy to maximize your reach and determine which type works best for your next campaign. To assist you further, we have prepared a 7-step guide to finding YouTube influencers.

Influencer Hero offers a lookalike feature that leverages AI to find similar influencers based on usernames, making the search process even more efficient. With advanced search filters and a comprehensive influencer database, Influencer Hero simplifies the process of identifying and connecting with the ideal YouTube influencers to elevate your campaigns, saving you time and enhancing your results. Additionally, Influencer Hero offers a free YouTube engagement rate calculator and YouTube fake subscriber scanner. These tools ensure you collaborate with high-performing YouTube influencers, contributing to your campaign's overall success.

<img src="Influencer-hero-influencer-finder-feature.png" alt="Influencer hero influencer finder feature">


In conclusion, the landscape of YouTube influencers is vast and varied, with macro, micro, and nano influencers each offering unique strengths and opportunities for brands. The top 10 influencers we’ve highlighted represent the best in their respective categories, demonstrating the power of targeted, authentic engagement. Whether you're looking to amplify your brand’s message with a wide-reaching macro influencer or aiming for niche market penetration with a micro or nano influencer, there’s a perfect fit for every campaign. Leveraging these influencers can drive significant impact, enhancing your brand’s visibility and connection with your target audience.

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