Top 10 Macro, Micro, And Nano Instagram US Influencers

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Top 10 Macro, Micro, And Nano Instagram Influencers

Navigating the dynamic world of Instagram influencers, brands and marketers often seek to collaborate with the most impactful voices across various follower counts. This article explores the top 10 macro, micro, and nano Instagram influencers, highlighting the unique advantages each category brings to the table. Whether you're looking for the broad reach of a macro influencer, the niche engagement of a micro influencer, or the intimate connection of a nano influencer, our comprehensive list will guide you to the perfect partner for your next campaign.

What are Macro, Micro, and Nano Influencers?

Macro Influencers

Followers: 100,000 - 500,000
Ideal for increasing brand awareness, boosting sales, reaching new audiences, and enhancing a brand’s social presence.

Micro Influencers

Followers: 10,000 - 100,000
Ideal for achieving high engagement rates, reaching targeted audiences, fostering genuine brand connections, and forming cost-effective partnerships.

Nano Influencers

Followers: 1,000-10,000
Ideal for high engagement rates, authentic brand connections, and cost-effective collaborations.

Each category has its own characteristics and uses for your influencer marketing campaign. Mixing influencers from macro, micro, and nano categories can help maximize your campaign reach. Follow our guide to find and leverage micro influencers effectively.

Macro Influencers

1. Onigiri.Nana: a Chicago-based makeup artist, streamer, and YouTuber, is known for her captivating beauty and unique make-up content.  

  • Topics: Makeup
  • Followers: 318K
  • ER: 4.81%
  • Average likes: 15.4K

2. Magicalwandering: Chelsea Bettis, a USA-based travel and fashion creator, specializes in US destinations, luxury family travel, and helping her audience decide where to go and what to wear, with a focus on travel trends and vacation fashion finds. 

  • Topics: Family, Travel, Lifestyle
  • Followers: 118K
  • ER: 3.43%
  • Average likes: 4K

3. With.Love.Brina: Sabrina, a digital creator and travel content creator based in New York, shares her love for travel, fashion, food, and hotels on her Instagram 

  • Topics: Travel, Fashion, Food, Hotels
  • Followers: 161K
  • ER: 6.45%
  • Average likes: 10.4K 

4. The.VerseFamily: Known for their hilarious couple comedy and mouth-watering food content, making restaurants go viral with their unique charm and delightful content. 

  • Topics: Food, Comedy 
  • Followers: 378K
  • ER: 21.23%
  • Average likes: 79.3K

5. Foodwithbros: Specializes in food and travel content, showcasing his adventures and culinary experiences on his Instagram account

  • Topics: Food
  • Followers: 126K
  • ER: 18.44%
  • Average likes: 23.2K 

6. Frizzylifts: Olivia Swaida, known as Frizzy, is a digital creator whose content blends muscles, memes, and cosplays, showcased on her Instagram profile.

  • Topics: gym, cosplay
  • Followers: 420K
  • ER: 10.49%
  • Average likes: 44.2K 

7. Brewsterisalive: a gaming video creator whose content primarily focuses on online gaming and tech products, catering to enthusiasts with a passion for gaming and technology.

  • Topics: Gaming, Tech
  • Followers: 107K
  • ER: 42.77%
  • Average likes: 45.7K

8. Jurglavitch: Jill Urglavitch, a family lifestyle blogger sharing the joys and challenges of mom life with four kids, highlighting the best of motherhood and family adventures from vacations to day trips.

  • Topics: Family, Lifestyle, Motherhood
  • Followers: 158K
  • ER: 31.74%
  • Average likes: 50.5K 

9. Thehermidas: is a family-focused content creator based in Los Angeles, blending real-life moments with a sitcom flair, also active on TikTok with the same username.

  • Topics: Family, Comedy
  • Followers: 109K
  • ER: 37.61%
  • Average likes: 41K

10. Mark Wlosinski: a personal finance influencer at LTICapital.Finance, provides daily money tips and motivation to help you pay off debt and invest wisely, making personal finance easy.

  • Topics: Money, Finance, Investment
  • Followers: 278K
  • ER: 11.81%
  • Average likes: 32.8K

Micro Influencers

1. Andreamatillano: a beauty enthusiast known for her makeup reviews, shares her expertise on YouTube and TikTok. 

  • Topics: Make up, Beauty
  • Followers: 100K
  • ER: 3.66%
  • Average likes:  3.7K

2. Jeimydiciaccio: Shares her passion for beauty, fashion, and lifestyle on Instagram.

  • Topics: Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle
  • Followers: 99.4K
  • ER: 4.75%
  • Average likes: 4.7K

3. Spicedupmom: Shari Mukherjee, a MasterChef Season 10 contestant, shares delightful recipes and cooking inspiration for the home chef

  • Topics: Food, Recipes
  • Followers: 99.5K
  • ER: 7.76%
  • Average likes: 7.8K

4. Thecapturingcouple: Nick and Madison, a Florida-based travel couple, share their adventures and bucket list experiences worldwide, focusing on adventure travel and unique hotels.

  • Topics: Travel, Lifestyle
  • Followers: 100K
  • ER: 16.55%
  • Average likes: 16.5K 

5. Bettykcheung: a full-time mom and content creator, shares her passion for travel, food, kids, healthy living, beauty, and fashion on her Instagram.

  • Topics: Travel, Food, Kids, Healthy Living, Beauty, Fashion
  • Followers: 99.6K
  • ER: 2.19%
  • Average likes: 2.2K

6. Dthekorean: Shares expert insights and tips on Korean skincare routines, offering a wealth of knowledge for skincare enthusiasts.

  • Topics: Skincare, Lifestyle
  • Followers: 99.6K
  • ER: 25.3%
  • Average likes: 25.3K

7. Theminimedietitian: Kathy O'Bryan,is a pediatric dietitian specializing in baby and toddler nutrition, offering expert advice to help you feed your little ones with confidence.

  • Topics: Health, Diet, Baby + Toddler Nutrition
  • Followers: 100K
  • ER: 3.2%
  • Average likes: 3.2K

8. Joshmillerstrengthcoach: Josh Miller is a seasoned fitness expert with 26 years of experience, specializing in powerlifting and coaching for over 13 years, sharing insightful content on gym workouts and weightlifting.

  • Topics: Fitness, Health
  • Followers: 99.5K
  • ER: 4%
  • Average likes: 4K 

9. Nicollemerrilyne: is an intuitive healer and medium who shares practical spirituality insights and meditation guidance on her Instagram profile, focusing on spiritual journeys and personal growth.

  • Topics: Spiritual, Meditation
  • Followers: 99.4K
  • ER: 31.09%
  • Average likes: 31K

10. Hyliansoul: Twitch streamer and gaming content creator with a passion for all things video games, captivating audiences with her Twitch variety streams and engaging Instagram & TikTok content.

  • Topics: Video Gaming, Twitch Streaming
  • Followers: 32.1K
  • ER: 24.58%
  • Average likes: 7.9K

Nano Influencers

1. Shelfie.queen: Shares engaging book recommendations and reviews, making her a beloved figure in the bookstagram community

  • Topics: Books
  • Followers: 9.9K
  • ER: 2.13%
  • Average likes: 213 

2. Stayinspired23: Sharing content centered around fitness, stylish outfits, and gym routines.

  • Topics: Fitness, Fashion, Lifestyle
  • Followers: 9.9K
  • ER: 4.27%
  • Average likes: 427 

3. Taylor Plemmons: Shares heartwarming content on Instagram, focusing on family life, motherhood, and her journey with her newborn baby.

  • Topics: Family, Lifestyle
  • Followers: 9.9K
  • ER: 4.09%
  • Average likes: 409 

4. TheGerlynGuides: Gerlyn and Oscar are local guides in Sacramento who share curated food, experiences, and stay recommendations inspired by their adventures and appetite.

  • Topics: Food
  • Followers: 10.4K
  • ER: 12.13%
  • Average likes: 1.2K

5. NewYorkFoodiie: Alexis is an Instagram KOL who shares mouthwatering food recommendations and culinary delights from around New York City.

  • Topics: Food
  • Followers: 7.2K
  • ER: 2.16%
  • Average likes: 156 

6. Dudevsworld: Hunter Knapp is a digital creator and full-time traveler who shares captivating stories and adventures from his ongoing backpacking journey around the globe.

  • Topics: Travel
  • Followers: 5.1K
  • ER: 4.09%
  • Average likes: 209 

7. Makeup.Mallory: Mallory Ordonez, a self-taught makeup artist and mommy of two, showcases her makeup routines and unique makeup looks on her Instagram.

  • Topics: Makeup, Beauty
  • Followers: 8.4K
  • ER: 7.63%
  • Average likes: 647

8. Everydaystephy_: Stephanie Quiroz, a Boston-based digital creator, shares her everyday style, beauty, travel, and lifestyle adventures.

  • Topics: everyday style, beauty, travel and lifestyle
  • Followers: 4.3K
  • ER: 2.59%
  • Average likes: 112

9. Ohlovelylilie: Based in Los Angeles, shares outfit inspiration, lifestyle content, and user-generated content, presenting a visually appealing Instagram feed.

  • Topics: Lifestyle, Outfit
  • Followers: 2.2K
  • ER: 5.53%
  • Average likes: 122 

10. Neaceinsta: a prominent gamer and esports coach/athlete, showcases content primarily focused on esports and online gaming.

  • Topics: Game, E-sports
  • Followers: 9.7K
  • ER: 3.46%
  • Average likes: 344 

The list above showcases the top Instagram influencers, essential for the success of your campaign. Selecting the right influencers is crucial, and combining macro, micro, and nano influencers can maximize your reach. To assist in this process, we’ve outlined a 7-step guide to finding Instagram influencers effectively.

The influencer list above covers various categories, and you can explore our influencer directory to access thousands of recommendations based on your category. Additionally, Influencer Hero’s lookalike feature leverages AI to find similar influencers based on usernames, making the search process even more efficient. With advanced search filters and a comprehensive influencer database, Influencer Hero simplifies the process of identifying and connecting with the ideal Instagram influencers to elevate your campaigns, saving you time and enhancing your results.

<img src="Influencer-hero-influencer-finder-feature.png" alt="Influencer hero influencer finder feature">


In conclusion, the world of influencer marketing is vibrant and diverse, with macro, micro, and nano influencers each bringing their unique flair and audience engagement to the table. The top 10 Instagram influencers in the US, across these categories, offer brands an exciting opportunity to collaborate with authentic voices that resonate with niche and broad audiences alike. As brands navigate the landscape of influencer partnerships, understanding the distinct advantages of each influencer tier can lead to impactful campaigns that drive brand awareness, engagement, and ultimately, conversions. By leveraging the creativity and influence of these top influencers, brands can forge authentic connections with their target audiences and stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing.

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