7 Steps to find Instagram influencers in 2024 & How to Vet them

April 12, 2024
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In today's digital age, Instagram remains a powerhouse for influencer marketing, offering businesses a platform to engage directly with targeted audiences through influencers. Here’s a detailed guide on how to find the top Instagram influencers using various tools and platforms, including Influencer Hero, Google, social media platforms, Google Trends, Reddit, podcasts, and events.

1. Using Influencer Marketing Platforms like Influencer Hero

Influencer Hero is your go-to all-in-one influencer marketing platform, designed to make finding influencers and collaborating with influencers seamless and efficient. Our platform specializes in connecting businesses with niche-specific influencers who not only have high engagement rates but are also thoroughly vetted to ensure quality and relevance. By accessing our comprehensive database, you can effortlessly select the ideal influencer for your marketing needs. Additionally, Influencer Hero offers advanced analytics tools that allow you to measure potential reach and engagement, helping you forecast the impact of your campaigns with greater accuracy. Managing your influencer campaigns is also streamlined within our user-friendly interface. To fully appreciate how Influencer Hero can transform your digital marketing strategy, book a demo with us.

2. Instagram

Step 1: Understanding Instagram’s Search and Discovery Features

Use of Hashtags: Start by exploring relevant hashtags. If you're in the beauty industry, hashtags like #BeautyBlogger, #MakeupInfluencer, or #BeautyTips can lead you to top influencers in that niche.

Explore Page: Instagram's Explore page is tailored to show content similar to what you've liked or interacted with before. It's a useful feature for discovering new influencers passively.

Step 2: Analyzing Engagement and Content Quality

Engagement Rate: Look at likes, comments, and shares relative to the influencer’s follower count. A healthy engagement rate indicates a genuinely interested audience.

Content Consistency: Evaluate how frequently the influencer posts and the quality of the content. Consistent, high-quality posts are signs of a professional who takes their influence seriously.

Step 3: Watching Instagram Stories and Reels

Stories Insight: Instagram Stories can give you a glimpse into the influencer’s daily activities and how they engage with their audience on a more personal level.

Reels for Trends: Reels are becoming a central part of Instagram’s experience, especially for showcasing creative, trend-driven content. Influencers who excel at creating Reels often have a good grasp of current trends and audience preferences.

Step 4: Utilizing Instagram Live

Real-time Interaction: Watching an influencer’s live sessions can be incredibly telling. How they interact with their audience, the number of viewers, and the type of content discussed can all influence your decision to engage them.

Step 5: Engagement and Interaction

Active Participation: Don’t just observe; engage with potential influencers by liking, commenting, and sharing their content. This not only gives you firsthand experience of their engagement levels but also begins to build a relationship.

Step 6: Using Instagram Analytics Tools

Third-Party Tools: While Instagram provides basic analytics, third-party tools can offer deeper insights into an influencer’s performance and audience demographics. These tools can help confirm if their audience matches your target market.

Step 7: Network Through Other Influencers

Peer Recommendations: Often, influencers operate within networks of similar professionals. Observing who they interact with, collaborate with, or mention can lead you to other influential accounts.

Step 8: Follow Industry-Related Events

Event Participation: Keep an eye on events, online webinars, or Instagram live sessions that target your industry. Influencers often participate or promote these events, giving you another avenue to discover and connect with them.

3. Exploring Google and Google Trends

Use Google search by typing specific keywords such as “top Instagram influencers in [industry]” to find articles and lists. Google Trends can reveal the rising stars in different niches by showing the frequency of search terms related to specific influencers or influencer-driven campaigns.

4. Social Media Platforms

Directly browse through Instagram using hashtags, stories, and the explore page to discover influencers who align with your brand’s aesthetics and values. Facebook groups and LinkedIn profiles can also be useful for recommendations on influencers.

5. Navigating Reddit

To effectively leverage Reddit in your search for Instagram influencers, start by joining subreddits that align with your brand’s interests and industry, such as r/BeautyInfluencers for beauty products or r/FashionBlogging for fashion brands. Within these communities, utilize relevant hashtags to sift through discussions and posts about influencers. For example, hashtags like #InstaBeauty or #FashionInfluencers can help narrow down posts to those specifically mentioning Instagram influencers in these niches. Additionally, actively participate in these subreddit communities. Engage by asking direct questions about recommendations for Instagram influencers who have proven engagement and influence in your specific area. 

6. Podcasts and Events

Listening to podcasts that discuss social media trends can offer insights into successful influencers and strategies. Attend industry-specific events, trade shows, and meet-ups to network with influencers and learn about up-and-comers directly from the source.

7. Search for Lookalike Influencers

Once you've identified a relevant influencer, turn to Influencer Hero's user-friendly platform, where our innovative lookalike feature streamlines the process of finding similar influencers on Instagram. Whether you're searching based on keywords or inputting specific criteria into our lookalike filter, our advanced AI swiftly generates a comprehensive list of comparable influencer profiles. This functionality not only saves you time but also ensures that you connect with influencers who resonate with your audience and brand values.

Metrics to Keep in Mind

Engagement Rate

Look for rates above industry averages (usually 1-3% depending on the follower size).

Reach and Impressions

Essential to understand how far your content could go.

Audience Growth

A steady increase in followers indicates genuine influence.

Conversion Rate

How effectively an influencer can turn engagement into actions, like sales or sign-ups.

Conclusion: Identify the Right Influencers for Strategic Influencer Partnerships

Identifying the right Instagram influencers involves a strategic blend of digital tools and personal interaction. Platforms like Influencer Hero streamline this process, while social media and search engines offer grassroots methods for discovering and evaluating potential influencer partnerships. By focusing on genuine engagement and the strategic use of analytics, brands can optimize their influencer campaigns for maximum impact and ROI.

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