Top 10 Influencer Outreach Tools

April 1, 2024
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Peter Nettesheim
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Top 10 Influencer Outreach Tools

In the realm of digital marketing, influencer outreach has emerged as a cornerstone strategy for brands looking to amplify their presence and connect with their target audience through authentic and engaging content. The right influencer outreach tool can make a significant difference in a brand's marketing efficacy. Here, we spotlight the top 10 influencer outreach tools that are revolutionizing the way brands connect with influencers, underscored with insights on their services, platform coverage, and unique features.

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1. Influencer Hero

<img src="Influencer-hero-software.png" alt="Influencer hero software landing page">

Influencer Hero stands out for its comprehensive influencer outreach platform, offering both software solutions and agency services. It supports a wide array of social platforms including Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Pinterest. Influencer Hero covers all essential features from influencer finder, CRM, and automated outreach to reporting analytics and affiliate payments, ensuring a seamless influencer outreach strategy from start to finish. Notably, it's the only tool in this list that offers a flexible monthly commitment starting at $249/month, making it accessible for brands of all sizes.

2. Upfluence

<img src="Upfluence-software.png" alt="Upfluence software landing page">

Upfluence also offers dual services (software and agency) and covers similar social platforms. It performs well in terms of features but falls slightly short on capabilities to scale. The number of influencers you can manage is limited and cost increases significantly when increasing the number of influencers you are working with. A common critique of Upfluence revolves around its steep price tag of $2K/month on an annual commitment, which might be a deterrent for smaller businesses. Yet, its robust feature set and extensive platform support make it a potent tool for comprehensive influencer outreach campaigns.

3.  Traackr

<img src="Traackr-software.png" alt="Traackr software landing page">

Traackr differentiates itself by focusing more on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, omitting TikTok and Snapchat from its roster. While it excels in influencer discovery and analytics, their influencer outreach capabilities are limited and missing affiliate payments might limit its appeal. Its niche approach and a starting price of $2.6K/month with an annual commitment position it as a tool better suited for specific marketing strategies or larger businesses.

4.  CreatorIQ

<img src="CreatorIQ-software.png" alt="CreatorIQ software landing page">

CreatorIQ offers a comprehensive suite of features across the major social platforms, including TikTok, but it's somewhat shrouded in mystery with limited public information on its offerings. Like Upfluence and Traackr, CreatorIQ's annual commitment and a starting price of $2.35K/month make it a considerable investment. Its blend of software and agency services coupled with a focus on influencer CRM and content collection might make it a valuable tool for brands looking for depth in their influencer partnerships.

5. Later (formerly Mavrck)

<img src="Later-software.png" alt="Later software landing page">

Later brings an innovative approach by integrating with TikTok's Creator Marketplace and offering unique features like influencer gifting and content & UGC collection. This platform supports all major social media and includes influencer outreach software capabilities. However, at $3K/month with an annual commitment, it is the most expensive tool on our list, potentially placing it out of reach for many businesses.

6. Grin

<img src="Grin-software.png" alt="Grin software landing page">

Grin steps into the spotlight with a focus that's as refreshing as it is targeted. Exclusively available for e-commerce brands, Grin integrates directly with your store, facilitating influencer gifting and affiliate payments with ease. While it lacks a native influencer finder, it compensates with robust CRM and outreach capabilities, emphasizing the importance of building and maintaining influencer relationships. Priced at $2.5K/month with an annual commitment, Grin positions itself as a premium platform for larger brands. 

7. Tagger

<img src="Tagger-software.png" alt="Tagger software landing page">

Tagger offers a full suite of features across major platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook. Notably acquired by Sprout Social, Tagger brings to the table powerful analytics and CRM features, alongside influencer outreach and content collection capabilities. This acquisition might signal further enhancements or integrations, potentially increasing its value proposition. Tagger's pricing stands at $2.5K/month on an annual basis, making it a considerable investment for brands aiming for an extensive influencer outreach strategy.

8. Aspire

<img src="Aspire-software.png" alt="Aspire software landing page">

Aspire, uniquely offering both software and agency services, supports a wide range of platforms including Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and Pinterest. It shines with its influencer CRM, outreach, and affiliate payments, making it a robust influencer outreach platform. However, some users have noted limitations in its outreach capabilities, which may affect brands looking for more advanced outreach functions. With a starting price of $2K/month and an annual commitment, Aspire is an attractive option for brands seeking comprehensive services and platform support.

9. Klear

<img src="Klear-software.png" alt="Klear software landing page">

Klear differentiates itself by offering advanced social listening features, allowing brands to set filtered alerts and gain deeper insights into influencer content. While it covers the basics across Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, the absence of Facebook and Pinterest might not suit all marketing strategies. Its pricing, at $2.3K/month with an annual commitment, positions Klear as a tool for brands focused on deep analytics and influencer engagement strategies.

10. Influencity

<img src="Influencity-software.png" alt="Influencity software landing page">

Influencity emerges as one of the newer players in the influencer outreach tool arena, boasting search capabilities at par with more established names. Unfortunately, the platform is not an all in one tool missing most required features besides influencer search. Its most compelling aspect is the pricing—$348/month with a monthly commitment—making Influencity accessible in case you are only looking for an influencer finder tool.

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