Sway Group Agency Profile: USP, Pricing, Reviews, and Noteworthy Clients

May 31, 2024
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Peter Nettesheim
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Sway Group Agency Overview

With a home base in Mill Valley and a team of 32 full-time professionals, Sway Group has been at the forefront of influencer marketing since its inception in 2011. The agency has built a strong reputation for its ability to craft authentic and captivating influencer content. Sway Group leverages its extensive network of influencers to effectively promote brands across a variety of platforms. Their strategic approach to influencer marketing involves developing customized strategies that not only align with brand values but also resonate deeply with target audiences. 

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Key Services

Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Collaborating with influencers to create authentic content that resonates with their audiences and promotes brands effectively.

Content Creation

Helping brands create high-quality content across various platforms, including blog posts, social media posts, videos, and more.

Strategy Development

Working with brands to develop effective influencer marketing strategies tailored to their specific goals and target audiences.

Campaign Management

Handling all aspects of influencer marketing campaigns, from identifying influencers to tracking campaign performance and providing detailed analytics.

Influencer Identification

Offering a network of diverse influencers across different categories, helping brands find the right influencers to partner with for their campaigns.

Performance Analysis

Providing in-depth performance analysis and reporting for influencer marketing campaigns, helping brands measure the impact of their campaigns and optimize for success.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Sway Group's USP lies in its ability to create authentic and engaging influencer content that aligns with brand values and resonates with target audiences. The agency's network of diverse influencers, combined with strategic campaign management and in-depth analytics, enables them to deliver successful and impactful influencer marketing campaigns for their clients.


Sway Group is a technology company, utilizing a custom-built dashboard developed in partnership with CreatorIQ (CIQ), a leading enterprise software provider for influencer marketing. The CIQ platform, integrated with Sway Group's proprietary technology, provides a robust system for influencer and campaign management, tracking, and reporting.

Influencer Marketing Platform

For agencies it is crucial to use advanced technologies to offer the best service. Besides their own internal platform, agencies often agencies often utilize third-party software to streamline various aspects of campaign management, ranging from influencer identification and outreach to content tracking and performance analysis, such as Influencer Hero, CreatorIQ or Grin. With Influencer Hero, agencies & brands can identify influencers, manage influencer campaigns through a CRM, track content and much more. 

<img src="Influencer-hero-software.png" alt="Influencer hero software landing page">


Sway Group has worked with a range of notable clients, including Google, TrueValue, CVS, Coca-Cola, and Disney,

Industries Served

Sway Group spanning industries such as Food & Beverages, Lifestyle, Health, Entertainment, and Travel.


  • Minimum Budget: $100,000 per campaign
  • Minimum Contract Length: Not specified

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Sway Group boasts an impressive 4.8 rating, indicating high levels of satisfaction among its clients.

Our Insights

In conclusion, Sway Group emerges as a powerhouse in the influencer marketing realm, backed by a proven track record of successful campaigns and a sterling reputation for crafting authentic, engaging content. Their strategic acumen, paired with a vast network of influencers and cutting-edge technology, enables them to yield impactful results for clients across diverse industries. 

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