Open Influence Agency Profile: Revolutionizing Influencer Marketing with Data-Driven Strategies

May 17, 2024
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Peter Nettesheim
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Open Influence Agency Overview

At the forefront of influencer marketing innovation stands Open Influence, a trailblazing agency that has reshaped the landscape since its inception in 2013. Spanning key metropolises like Los Angeles, New York, London, Milan, Chicago, and Paris, Open Influence merges cutting-edge technology with ingenious strategies to craft impactful marketing solutions. 

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Core Services

Open Influence offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to optimize influencer marketing campaigns from conception through to execution:

Influencer Marketing Campaign Strategy

Customized strategies that align with brand goals and target audiences.

Influencer Selection and Partnerships

Strategic selection of influencers who embody the brand’s values and connect with target demographics.

Content Creation and Distribution

Collaborative content creation that ensures authenticity and engagement.

Campaign Management and Execution

Meticulous management to guarantee flawless campaign execution.

Performance Tracking and Analytics

Advanced analytics to gauge campaign impact and guide strategic decisions.

Influencer Relationship Management

Ongoing relationship nurturing to build lasting influencer advocacy.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

What sets Open Influence apart is its data-driven methodology. Utilizing a proprietary technology platform, the agency analyzes vast amounts of influencer performance data to select the ideal candidates for each campaign. This analytical approach ensures that brands receive not only visibility but also measurable results, enhancing return on investment in the competitive space of influencer marketing.


As a technology-forward company, Open Influence has developed an in-house platform that supports all aspects of influencer campaign management—from influencer vetting to performance analytics. This integration of technology streamlines processes, allowing for more precise targeting and efficient campaign management.

Influencer Marketing Platform

For agencies, it is crucial to use advanced technologies to offer the best service. In addition to their own internal platforms, many agencies also utilize external influencer platform tools such as Influencer Hero, CreatorIQ, or Grin. This approach enables agencies to reduce time and resources, ultimately allowing them to offer competitive pricing. With Influencer Hero, agencies and brands can identify influencers, manage campaigns through a CRM, track posted content, send products, process payouts, and much more—all within a single platform.

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Industry Expertise

The agency serves a diverse range of industries:

  • Fashion and Beauty
  • Food and Beverage
  • Lifestyle
  • Entertainment
  • Travel and Hospitality
  • Technology and Apps
  • Automotive

Client Portfolio

Open Influence prides itself on a prestigious roster of clients that includes some of the world's most recognized brands. Their partnership list boasts names like McDonald's, known for its global fast-food influence; Subaru, a leader in automotive innovation; Adidas, a giant in sportswear and lifestyle products; and Amazon, the global e-commerce powerhouse. These collaborations underline Open Influence’s capability to adapt and scale its services across diverse industries, ensuring that each client’s unique marketing needs are met with precision and creativity.

Client Reviews and Feedback

Open Influence boasts a solid review score of 4.4, indicative of high client satisfaction. These reviews can be explored in detail on Influencer Marketing Hub, which reflects the agency’s commitment to excellence and effectiveness in influencer marketing.

Our Insights

Open Influence shines brightly with its analytical prowess and strategic finesse in influencer marketing. Beyond mere connections, the agency crafts bespoke campaigns, meticulously tailored to align with each client's distinct objectives. 

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