Influencer Hero vs Upfluence: Cost Effective Alternative

May 3, 2024
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Influencer Hero vs Upfluence

If you are searching for a robust influencer marketing platform, you may come across Upfluence. However, with a starting cost of $1.6K monthly and annual commitments, you may want to explore a more cost-effective option offering the same features. In this comparison, we will examine Upfluence and Influencer Hero, including their features.

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Influencer Hero vs. Upfluence: Features & Differences

At first glance, Upfluence and Influencer Hero have pretty similar features, such as CRM, affiliate management, automated product send-outs, and payments automation. These features undoubtedly benefit users, making communication and the relationship between businesses and influencers more efficient.

Email Automation Feature in Influencer Hero

However, there are some differences. Influencer Hero includes an email automation feature in their CRM, which allows users to set up email flows (email templates, schedule waiting times before sending follow-up emails, etc.) and send automated emails to a bulk of influencers.

Content Collection: Know What Your Influencers are Posting

Additionally, Influencer Hero has a content collection feature that automatically records every time an influencer makes a post. Influencers can also track their post performance through their own dashboard. In selecting the right software to streamline influencer marketing, efficiency is a crucial factor to consider, and Influencer Hero’s extensive range of features certainly enhances the efficiency of both businesses and influencers. Ultimately, these features provide substantial benefits for both parties.

Find Influencers Through Search Filters in Influencer Hero

One of the most crucial aspects of an influencer marketing platform is the influencer finder feature. To ensure the best results, the influencer finder must be as specific as possible. During our research of Upfluence, we found several reviews that criticized the platform’s influencer search filters.

The research filters could be more detailed.”- G2, read the full review here.

I feel like sometimes the results in the influencer search section are too vast. It’s difficult sometimes to know how “niche” the genre of your wanted influencer type should be in order to achieve the results you need.” – G2, read the full review here.

Influencer List Widget
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These reviews suggested that the filters were not detailed enough, which made it difficult for users to find suitable influencers for their campaigns.

This is clearly a crucial aspect when searching for the right influencers since each business has its own unique characteristics and personalities to consider when choosing influencers. To achieve the most precise results, it is crucial to have a comprehensive set of specific filters.

More Than 20 Search Filters, Bulk-selecting Influencers & Automating Emails

This is where Influencer Hero shines, offering more than 20 filters, including lookalike filters, that make it easier to find the right influencers or audiences that match a specific profile. With these extensive and detailed filters, users of Influencer Hero can be more effective and efficient in finding the right influencers. This feature, along with bulk-selecting influencers and automation emails, is a major benefit for users of Influencer Hero.

Influencer Hero vs. Upfluence: Price Comparison

Apart from the influencer finder feature, pricing is another crucial factor to consider before subscribing to an influencer marketing platform. Unfortunately, based on reviews, Upfluence appears to be very expensive for what they offer. Starting at $1.6k per month, it is an expensive option that may not be affordable for everyone. This has been a common complaint among users.

Too expensive not for everyone!” – G2, check the review here.

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Free Influencer List
Receive a list with all influencers which follow your Instagram page. Influencers which already know you are 8X more likely to work with you.
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Annual Commitment on Upfluence

The other issue is the annual commitment requirement. Upfluence seems to force users into continued payments even if the software isn’t working. At a monthly cost of almost $2K, this isn’t the kind of subscription you want to be locked up in. Other users have complained about being tricked into a 12-month agreement.

“They gave us these 2 options. We chose the Monthly thinking it would be month to month, but it turns out that hidden in the contract was billed monthly for 12 months. The way it was presented was very sly. Through the confusion, they have yet to release us from the contract for a platform that is not beneficial to us and has not helped in any way.” check the review here.

Based on the review, it appears that Upfluence compelled the customer to pay for an annual commitment with a confusing contract and high price. This kind of situation could have been avoided if the software company was transparent and straightforward about their contract and subscription commitments. In fact, we also came across a specific case in which a customer expressed frustration with Upfluence’s contract and reported feeling forced into an annual commitment.

I don’t like the way they handle contracting. Forcing a year-long contract feels almost like desperation to keep payments coming in for a full year..” – check the review here.

Just Monthly Commitment with Influencer Hero - No Hidden Subscriptions

A better alternative, such as Influencer Hero, can provide clarity and help prevent customers from being forced into a costly annual commitment and experiencing similar problems.

With an annual commitment and a monthly price of $1.6k, Upfluence is clearly not affordable for every business. In contrast, Influencer Hero, with its more comprehensive features, offers a much more cost-effective option starting at only $249 per month without any commitments.  

This is not only beneficial for smaller teams but also for larger companies looking to save on costs while still receiving comprehensive influencer marketing features.

Influencer Hero: Valuable Influencer Marketing Software for Businesses

In summary, Upfluence and Influencer Hero offer valuable features for businesses looking to streamline their influencer marketing campaigns. However, Influencer Hero provides more extensive filters, including email automation and content collection features at a more affordable price without any annual commitments.

Read a step-by-step approach for creating a performance-driven influencer marketing program with Influencer Hero in our Ultimate Influencer Marketing Guide here.

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