GetSaral Vs Influencer Hero | Review & Pricing

May 3, 2024
7 Min
Peter Nettesheim
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The modern era of digital marketing is witnessing a surge in influencer collaborations, compelling brands to choose the finest influencer marketing software that guarantees effective campaigns and streamlined processes. 

In the bustling space of influencer marketing platforms, two notable names stand out: GetSaral and Influencer Hero. Let's delve into a thorough comparison between these SaaS solutions, weighing their offerings around core features to conclude which may serve as the best wingman for your brand's influencer marketing crusade. 

<img src="Influencer-hero-vs-getsaral.png" alt="Comparison table between getsaral and influencer hero">

Influencer Search & Discovery

Both Influencer Hero and GetSaral provide robust influencer search and discovery functions, enabling brands to pinpoint the ideal influencers using a variety of filters.

However, Influencer Hero takes the lead with its exclusive ability to identify influencers who already have a commercial relationship with your brand, whether they’ve purchased from your website, followed your brand on Instagram, or subscribed to your newsletter. This feature allows for a unique advantage, strengthening connections with influencers who are genuine fans of your brand, thereby promising more authentic and effective promotions.

Automated Outreach and CRM

Both platforms excel in automation, featuring tools for automated outreach and follow-ups, thus helping brands scale their efforts efficiently. With regards to Customer Relationship Management (CRM), both services offer a way to keep tabs on influencers. Influencer Hero's CRM, however, includes automated triggers that move the deals across the pipeline, for example, if a product has been dispatched or the influencer has posted on social media about your brand. This automation ensures a smooth, hands-off management process that saves time and minimizes potential errors.

E-commerce Integrations and Affiliates

As a Shopify app, Influencer Hero offers a more integrated experience for e-commerce brands using this popular platform. What's more, Influencer Hero furnishes a native affiliate integration that sidesteps the need for additional services. In contrast, GetSaral's reliance on external solutions like Goaffpro could mean extra costs and complexities. Through Influencer Hero’s Affiliate & Payments suite, creating and managing affiliate links and tracking conversions are all in-house, which simplifies the influencer payment process and enables you to manage everything in one place. 

Native Email Integrations

Communication fluency is key, and here, Influencer Hero again takes the edge with its native Google & Outlook integration, saving users from the common technical difficulties associated with SMTP/IMAP connectors used by GetSaral. This ensures a smoother, more secure communication stream between your brand and influencers.

Content & UGC Collection

A treasure trove of influencer content can be instrumental in marketing strategies. Influencer Hero offers a Content / UGC Library where all influencer posts are automatically collated. High-quality User-Generated Content (UGC) can be downloaded and repurposed for marketing needs, further boosting campaign impact and ROI.

Reporting and Analytics

Finally, both platforms offer reporting features, but IH's Reporting & Analytics tool Additionally offers a detailed world map identifying exactly where your clicks are coming from. 


Comparing Influencer Hero with GetSaral delineates several pivotal benefits that Influencer Hero affords D2C e-commerce brands. From exclusive insights into influencer-brand relationships, advanced AI personalization, and streamlined automation to potent e-commerce and email integrations, Influencer Hero demonstrates a compelling commitment to robust, user-friendly influencer marketing. The mission is clear: provide a platform that not only manages but elevates influencer marketing to heroic proportions.

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