Upfluence Influencer Analytics Chrome Extension: Features, Review & Alternatives

May 15, 2024
9 Min
Peter Nettesheim
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Upfluence Influencer Analytics Chrome Extension: Features, Review & Alternatives

If you are an influencer marketer you quickly find yourself having to analyse influencer profiles. While browsing the web browser extensions are a great way to conveniently access data to analyse and look if an influencer is suited for a new partnership. If you are looking to use a chrome extension for influencer analysis you came to the right place. In this article we will look at Upfluence’s influencer analytics chrome extension, analyse its benefits, drawbacks and talk about alternatives like Influencer Hero’s influencer audit chrome plugin

Introducing Upfluence Influencer Analytics Chrome Extension

Upfluence is a leading influencer marketing platform, providing a free influencer analytics plugin to help influencer marketers analyse influencers. Their tool provides insights into the influencers audience growth, location, fake followers and more.  

Why is it important to Use an Influencer Audit or Analytics Plugin?

When starting a new influencer partnership, analysing the profile and underlying metrics of an influencer is crucial. Using an influencer audit chrome extension will help to quickly access important metrics to decide whether you would like to add the influencer to your next campaign or not. 

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Upfluence Influencer Analytics Chrome Extension


Upfluence influencer audit chrome extensions provides a lot of useful data for which you would have to pay with other companies. It is also easy to access through a page which slides into your screen while browsing social media profiles which makes it easy to quickly analyse influencers you want to work with. 

Upfluence provides the following data points for free: 

  • Fake followers 
  • Engagement rate 
  • Audience growth 
  • Audience country 
  • Audience city 
  • Audience gender 
  • Audience age
  • Average engagements by publication time 
<img src="upfluence-chrome-extension.png" alt="Upfluence Influencer Analytics Chrome Extension">

Number of free searches

Upfluence chrome extensions provides up to 10 daily free searches. After using up the 10 free searches it will prompt you to schedule a sales meeting. 


Here are the drawbacks of the extension:

  • Limited functionality: The extension does not work for many influencer profiles.
  • Outdated UI: The user interface appears outdated, making data difficult to interpret.
  • Frequent complaints: Reviews frequently highlight that the tool does not function properly for a large number of influencers.
  • Lower review scores: The extension has an overall review score of 3.6 out of 5 in the Chrome Webstore.
<img src="upfluence-chrome-extension-review.png" alt="Upfluence Influencer Analytics Chrome Extension Review">
<img src="upfluence-chrome-extension-review.png" alt="Upfluence Influencer Analytics Chrome Extension Review">

Some other useful data point and features which other Influencer Analytics chrome extensions such as the one of Influencer Hero provide which Upfluence misses are:

  • Forecast expected sales / EMV 
  • A personalised sentence which can be used for outreach 
  • Dark mode

Free Alternatives to Upfluence Chrome Extension

Below are some of the other free Influencer Analytics chrome extensions. 

  • Influencer Hero (Chrome web store reviews: 5.0)
  • Grin (Chrome web store reviews: 4.3)  
  • HypeAuditor (Chrome web store reviews: 4.4)

Below is an overview of all the data you can access using the different influencer audit chrome extensions.

<img src="upfluence-chrome-extension-comparison.png" alt="Upfluence Influencer Analytics Chrome Extension Comparison">

Our Insights

Exploring Upfluence's Influencer Analytics Chrome Extension reveals its critical role for influencer marketers aiming to streamline the process of evaluating potential partnerships. With key insights into audience metrics and authenticity, Upfluence offers a powerful tool, despite some limitations like occasional functionality issues and an outdated interface. Other extensions like Influencer Hero, Grin, and HypeAuditor serve as viable alternatives, each with unique features. Choosing the right tool depends on individual needs, with Upfluence standing out in the increasingly complex digital marketing landscape. Leveraging such extensions makes it easy to quickly access crucial influencer data, saving time and increasing efficiency. 

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