Upfluence Fake Follower Check Tool | Review, Benefits, Alternatives

May 8, 2024
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Upfluence Fake Follower Check Tool | Review, Benefits, Alternatives 

In today's digital age, the authenticity of social media influencers is crucial for brands aiming to maximize the impact of their marketing efforts. The Fake Follower Check tool is an important asset in this landscape, with the ability to assess the authenticity of followers across Instagram and other social media profiles. As brands continually combat the challenge posed by fake followers—often bots or inactive accounts that skew engagement metrics—tools like Upfluence and Influencer Hero provide an essential solution. This review delves into how Upfluence not only helps in identifying these counterfeit followers but also integrates with its suite of marketing tools to enhance overall campaign effectiveness.

Understanding the Issue of Fake Followers

Fake followers are typically bots or inactive accounts that add no real value to engagement statistics. They are often purchased by users to artificially increase their follower count, a practice that can mislead brands and advertisers about the actual influence of a potential influencer partner. This discrepancy can result in significant financial losses and misallocated marketing resources.

Introducing Upfluence Fake Follower Check

Upfluence offers a sophisticated tool to evaluate the authenticity of followers on Instagram profiles. This tool requires users to sign up, ensuring access to a detailed analysis of fake versus real followers. By utilizing proprietary data and advanced analytics, Upfluence helps brands and influencers identify fake followers, thereby optimizing their engagement strategies and ensuring genuine interactions. This service integrates seamlessly with other Upfluence offerings, enhancing overall marketing efforts.

How Upfluence Calculates Fake Followers

Input Required

Users provide the username to the Upfluence Fake Follower Checker.

Analysis Method

The tool analyzes the account's follower list and engagement metrics.

Identification Metrics

It looks for patterns common among fake accounts, such as:

  • Low engagement rates compared to the number of followers.
  • Sudden spikes in follower count.
  • Quality of the follower profiles, including their follower-to-following ratios and activity levels.

Proprietary Algorithm

Upfluence uses a proprietary algorithm based on extensive data about influencer behavior and characteristics.

Immediate Results

The tool provides quick and straightforward results, showing the estimated percentage of fake followers.

Estimation Basis

The displayed percentages are estimates based on Upfluence's comprehensive database.

Benefits for Brands and Marketers

By utilizing the Fake Follower Checker, brands can more accurately assess the true reach and impact of potential influencer partners. This tool helps to prevent the misallocation of budgets on influencers with inflated follower metrics and ensures that marketing efforts are directed towards individuals who can genuinely promote products to an active and engaged audience.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Upfluence Fake Follower Check Tool


It provides quick and accurate insights into the proportion of genuine versus fake followers, leveraging Upfluence's sophisticated proprietary algorithms for immediate analysis. This capability allows marketers to efficiently gauge the reliability of influencer partnerships, optimizing campaign spending and effectiveness. However, it's important to note that access to the full results from this tool requires users to sign up, which may pose a slight barrier for some potential users looking for quick, no-commitment insights.

Data provided:

  • Percentage of fake follower
<img src="upfluence-fake-followers-checker.png" alt="Upfluence Fake Follower Check tool for Instagram and Tiktok">


Upfluence only offers information about the percentage of fake followers in the results and asks users to sign up before they can see the detailed results of its fake follower check tool. This makes it less usable right away. Additionally, Upfluence is only for Instagram, so you'd need other tools for a complete analysis across platforms. Conversely, Influencer Hero offers a more accessible and robust fake follower check tool for Instagram and Tiktok that doesn't require prior sign-up, providing a wealth of information right from the start, including:

  • Analysis of fake followers
  • Engagement rate calculations and insights
  • Tracking of audience growth
  • Analysis of audience location
  • Breakdown of audience gender split (percentage of female & male followers)
  • Assessment of the average age of the audience
  • Projections of estimated sales and EMV (Earned Media Value)

Furthermore, Influencer Hero allows more searches per day compared to Upfluence and features a highly intuitive UI and UX, making it an excellent tool for quickly analyzing an influencer's potential impact before initiating a partnership.

<img src="influencer-hero-fake-followers-checker.png" alt="Influencer Hero Fake Follower Check tool for Instagram and Tiktok">

Upfluence VS Influencer Hero Fake Follower Check

Influencer Hero, offers a comprehensive analysis that include: 

  • Fake followers
  • Engagement rates
  • Comprehensive insights such as audience growth tracking, location, gender split, average age
  • Forecasts of estimated sales and Earned Media Value (EMV). 

It allows up to 15 free daily searches and boasts a UI/UX quality rating of 95%, facilitating ease of use and access without the need for signing up, thus making it highly accessible for instant use. It stands out for its user-friendliness and extensive data capabilities, including detailed demographic analysis and financial projections. This positions Influencer Hero as an ideal choice for marketers seeking exhaustive influencer evaluations.

Conversely, Upfluence provides basic yet crucial insights into the authenticity of an influencer's followers but requires users to sign up before accessing full reports other than the fake followers' percentage. This tool offers up to 10 free daily searches but has a significantly lower UI/UX rating of 10%, based on our scoring system, indicating a more basic interface. Even though Upfluence offers 10 free searches every day, its requirement for sign-up could be a limiting factor for those seeking immediate and detailed insights, contrasting with Influencer Hero’s immediate, unrestricted access to its comprehensive analytics and reports. This difference makes Upfluence suitable for users looking for quick authenticity checks who don't mind the additional step of registration for detailed results, while Influencer Hero appeals more to those who prioritize ease of access and in-depth data analysis without any preliminary requirements.


In conclusion, Upfluence's Fake Follower Check tool offers essential services for brands looking to validate influencer authenticity on Instagram, though it requires user registration to access detailed analyses. This sign-up step may limit its immediate usability and restricts the tool to Instagram, requiring additional tools for broader platform analysis. Conversely, Influencer Hero provides an accessible, registration-free alternative, offering extensive features including engagement metrics and sales forecasts. This ease of access and comprehensive data make Influencer Hero highly attractive for those needing in-depth influencer evaluations, while Upfluence suits those who prioritize detailed authenticity checks and don’t mind the extra registration step.

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