Top 5 Best TikTok Fake Follower Scanner Tools

May 7, 2024
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Top 5 Best TikTok Fake Follower Scanner Tools

As TikTok continues to dominate social media, discerning the real from the fake has never been more critical. Our latest update to the free TikTok fake follower check tools not only refines accuracy but also enhances user interface, making it easier than ever to analyze and understand your social media metrics. In this article, we delve into the top 6 free TikTok fake follower check tools, each offering unique features to empower users in navigating the complexities of influencer marketing efficiently.

Understanding Fake Followers on TikTok

Understanding the presence of fake followers on TikTok holds immense importance for both brands and individuals aiming for genuine engagement and influence. These fake followers, commonly known as bots or inactive accounts, can severely impact an influencer's credibility and reach. They artificially inflate follower counts, leading to distorted metrics and a misrepresentation of influence. Tactics employed by these fake follower accounts include mass following and unfollowing, automated liking and commenting, and the bulk purchasing of followers, all of which undermine authenticity and hinder genuine connections between influencers and their audiences.

5 Best Tiktok Fake Follower Scanner Tools

  1. Influencer Hero
  2. Collabstr
  3. Hypeauditor
  4. Social Auditor
  5. Starngage

How the Below Tools Calculate Fake followers on Tiktok

Free tools that calculate TikTok fake followers typically use algorithms and heuristics to analyze various aspects of an account's activity and engagement patterns. Here are some common methods they might employ:

Engagement Rate Analysis

These tools analyze the engagement rate of an account, including likes, comments, shares, and views relative to the number of followers. Accounts with a significantly lower engagement rate than expected for their follower count might be flagged as potentially having fake followers.

Audience Quality Analysis

They may examine the quality of an account's followers by looking at factors such as the authenticity of follower profiles, the frequency of bot-like behavior (e.g., mass following/unfollowing, repetitive comments), and the diversity of follower locations and demographics.

Spike Detection

Sudden spikes in follower count or engagement can be indicative of artificial methods such as buying followers or using bots for engagement. These tools may look for sudden jumps in metrics and assess whether they are consistent with organic growth patterns.

Content Analysis

Analyzing the content posted by the account can provide insights into its authenticity. For example, if an account has a large number of followers but consistently receives low engagement on its posts, it might suggest that many of the followers are not genuine.

Network Analysis

Some tools may analyze the network of followers and their relationships to identify patterns associated with fake accounts or bot networks.

Historical Data Comparison

By comparing an account's current metrics with its historical data, these tools can identify unusual patterns or discrepancies that might indicate the use of fake followers or engagement tactics.

Steps to Use Below TikTok Fake Follower Check

1. Enter your TikTok Username

Enter your TikTok username or the username of the account you want to analyze for fake followers. Some tools may also allow you to analyze other accounts, so choose accordingly.

2. Wait for Analysis

Depending on the tool and the complexity of the analysis, you may need to wait a few moments for the analysis to complete. Some tools provide real-time results, while others may take longer to process the data.

3. Review the Results

Once the analysis is complete, review the results provided by the tool. Pay attention to metrics such as follower quality score, engagement rate, and any indicators of fake or suspicious activity.

4. Interpret the Findings

Take time to interpret the findings in the context of your goals and expectations. Consider factors such as the size of your audience, your content niche, and your growth strategy when assessing the significance of the results.

1. Influencer Hero

<img src="influencer-hero-fake-follower-checker.png" alt="Influencer hero fake follower scanner tools">

Data provided:

  • Analyzes fake followers
  • Calculates and analyzes engagement rate
  • Views influencer audience growth
  • Analyzes audience location and gender split
  • Analyzes audience average age
  • Forecasts estimated sales and Earned Media Value (EMV)

Daily free search:

Influencer Hero offers up to 15 free searches per day, allowing users to access a significant amount of data without incurring costs.

UI UX Quality:

Influencer Hero boasts a high UI and UX quality with a score of 95%. This rating reflects the platform's user-friendly design and intuitive navigation, providing an excellent user experience.

Our Insights:

Influencer Hero stands out by providing detailed data, including unique metrics like audience average age and sales forecasts. It is noted as the only tool offering a comprehensive analysis of both fake followers and audience demographics, which makes it particularly valuable for marketers and agencies focusing on precision in their influencer partnerships.

2. Collabstr

<img src="collabstr-fake-follower-checker.png" alt="Collabstr fake follower scanner tools">

Data provided:

  • Analyzes fake followers
  • Calculates and analyzes engagement rate

Collabstr provides more data/metrics when signed up:

  • Detailed fake follower checker
  • Wider influencer access
  • Influencer marketing tools

Daily free search:

Collabstr offers 5 free searches daily, catering to users who need quick insights into potential influencer partnerships.

UI UX Quality:

We rated the UI and UX quality of Collabstr 45%. This moderate score indicates that while functional, there may be some aspects of the design and user interface that could be improved for a smoother experience.

Our Insights:

Collabstr provides essential insights into fake followers and engagement rates, though it is noted for having limited information. The platform's design does not impress, but it serves users who need basic data without much detail.

3. Hypeauditor

<img src="hypeauditor-fake-follower-checker.png" alt="Hypeauditor fake follower scanner tools">

Data provided:

  • Analyzes fake followers
  • Provides an audience quality score

Hypeauditor provides more data/metrics when signed up:

  • Audience check
  • Audience demographics
  • Follower growth
  • Brand mentions
  • Ad performance

Daily free search:

Hypeauditor allows for 10 free searches per day, which is suitable for users who need to perform regular checks without a significant volume.

UI UX Quality:

Hypeauditor has a UI and UX score of 15% based on our scoring, suggesting that the interface and user experience may require significant improvements to meet user expectations.

Our Insights:

Hypeauditor focuses primarily on providing an audience quality score rather than detailed analytics on fake followers. The tool does not provide percentage breakdowns of fake versus real followers, which may limit its usefulness for more detailed analytical needs.

4. Social Auditor

<img src="social-auditor-fake-follower-checker.png" alt="Social auditor fake follower scanner tools">

Data provided:

The tool does not specifically list any standard analytics such as free tool for fake follower analysis or engagement rates.

Daily free search:

Social Auditor does not offer any free searches, which might be a limitation for users looking to test the tool before committing financially.

UI UX Quality:

Social Auditor has a UI and UX score of 5%, indicating that the tool significantly lacks in design and user-friendliness. This low score suggests that users might find the interface less intuitive and more challenging to navigate.

Our Insights:

Social Auditor requires users to sign up before accessing any results, which may deter those looking for quick and straightforward insights. The comment about images not loading properly further highlights potential issues with the platform's reliability and user experience. This tool might benefit from improvements to increase its appeal and usability.

5. Starngage

<img src="starngage-fake-follower-checker.png" alt="Starngage fake follower scanner tools">

Data provided:

  • Calculate followers and engagement rate
  • Audience Quality Score
  • Estimated Fake Followers

Starngage provides more data/metrics when signed up:

  • Creator’s average engagement
  • Creator’s linked accounts on other social media platforms.
  • Creator's audience demographic profiles 
  • Analyse the creator's follower and engagement growth
  • Discover brands and hashtags mentioned by the creator and similar creators.

Daily free search:

Starngage provides significant tools and insights through its platform; however, the specifics of any free daily searches or trials are not detailed.

UI UX Quality:

With a UI and UX rating of 20%, Starngage also struggles with user interface and design issues. This score reflects a need for enhancements to make the tool more user-friendly and visually appealing.

Our Insights:

Users have limited search capabilities on Starngage. This greatly reduces its usefulness for those seeking reliable influencer analysis tools. The platform requires improvements to become fully functional and competitive in the influencer marketing industry.

Insights into Top 5 TikTok Fake Follower Check Tools

In conclusion, the best free TikTok fake follower check tools offer essential insights into the authenticity of follower bases, helping users identify bots and enhance engagement strategies. While tools like Influencer Hero provide comprehensive analytics, others like HypeAuditor focus on audience quality scores. Each tool has its strengths and limitations, including varying degrees of accuracy and potential privacy concerns. Regular use of these tools can significantly contribute to maintaining a genuine and effective presence on TikTok, ensuring that interactions and growth are both authentic and valuable.

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