7 Tools to spot & remove fake followers

June 14, 2024
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Guadalupe Garcia
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7 Tools to spot & remove fake followers

Fake followers are bots that are created or acquired to inflate an account’s followers base on Instagram. However, as much as one might want to take the easy road to growth by purchasing followers, it’s important to note that fake accounts do not help in achieving real growth nor more exposure.

Instead, fake followers can bring Instagram penalties, damage your reputation and skew your metrics.

In this article we’ll go through 7 tools to spot and remove fake followers, how to spot fake followers, how to remove them and some extra tips for avoiding these accounts.

What are fake followers?

Fake followers are artificially created or purchased accounts on social media platforms that inflate the number of followers of a user or brand. These followers do not represent real or engaged people and often have the following characteristics:

  1. Inactive or Non-Interactive: They rarely interact with posts, such as liking, commenting, or sharing.
  2. Automated: Many are bots or automated accounts, created to mimic real users.
  3. Purchased: They can be bought in bulk from services that sell followers, often for a low cost.
  4. Profile Details: Typically, they have incomplete profiles, generic names, or no profile picture.
  5. Low or No Content: They usually post little to no content and have few followers of their own.

Check out our detail guide on how to identify fake followers, the metrics to analyze and tools that can be used during analysis.

7 Tools to Remove Fake Accounts

In order to effectively manage your Instagram followers and keep your account clean, you can try the following tools to spot and remove fake, inactive or unwanted followers. 

Always remember to use these tools responsibly and in compliance with Instagram's terms of service!


As previously mentioned in the reasons why you should remove fake accounts from your list, a sudden drop in followers can look suspicious and raise some doubts about your account.

Therefore, deleting these accounts manually on Instagram might be the slowest but safest way to keep your account clean. Once you have evaluated which accounts are fake or ghost, you can delete them by going to your followers list, and clicking on ‘Remove’ for each account.

<img src="tools-to-remove-fake-followers.png" alt="Tools to remove fake followers-Instagram">

Key features:

  • Private account possibility, to approve who can follow you and see your content
  • Manual removal of followers for more control
  • Restrict and/or block users, to prevent future interactions with your account
  • Report users to take action on fake/bots accounts
  • Limit unwanted interactions

Influencer Hero

This fake follower check tool isn’t technically for mass removals, but it’s ideal for the first step in analyzing fake accounts and keeping your profile clear. Especially if you are going to do manual removals, as it's a good indicator for whether you should take the time to do it or not. 

This tool is also ideal for running regular check ups, since it is recommended to constantly evaluate your account’s analytics in order to understand where there is room for improvement.

<img src="tools-to-remove-fake-followers.png" alt="Tools to remove fake followers-Influencer Hero">

Key features:

  • Fake followers percentage
  • Engagement rate
  • Followers growth
  • Audience analytics: location, gender and age
  • Estimated returns in terms of sales and EMV
  • Chrome Extension to quickly evaluate on Instagram available.


This is the most known brand for mass-removals, as it is specifically designed for identifying and removing inactive or suspicious accounts. They also work with Instagram API to prevent their users from getting penalties by deleting followers. 

Furthermore, it not only works for ghost accounts, but also for commercial and sales accounts which will flood your feed with unwanted ads. 

<img src="tools-to-remove-fake-followers.png" alt="Tools to remove fake followers-SpamGuard">

Key features:

  • Account scanning to detect unwanted profiles
  • Mass removals
  • Constant account protection
  • Prevents future spam follows, direct messages and any other kind of spam actions
  • Protection report, to understand what went through in the cleaning process


This is a mobile app with a sophisticated and intuitive interface. It allows for both manual and mass removals for up to 20 people in one click, ensuring you don’t remove too many at once to avoid a sudden drop in followers. 

<img src="tools-to-remove-fake-followers.png" alt="Tools to remove fake followers-FollowCop">

Key features:

  • Manual and mass removals
  • Create a whitelist of followers
  • Spot accounts which don’t follow you back or have unfollowed you recently

Ghost Follower

This platform also detects fake accounts and removes them, and it also works with Instagram API to comply with security guidelines.

But one thing that differentiates it from other removers is the option to apply up to 12 filters, when selecting the type of accounts you want to get rid of, providing a more detailed process.

<img src="tools-to-remove-fake-followers.png" alt="Tools to remove fake followers-Ghost Follower">

Key features:

  • Mass removals of followers
  • Filters for the removal
  • Whitelist users
  • Blacklist users

Cleaner for IG

This mobile app is only available for iOS, and it’s a very simple tool to manage anything mass-related to your Instagram account. It works both for mass removing followers and likes, and a good thing is that you select how many you delete at once, keeping control of the action.

<img src="tools-to-remove-fake-followers.png" alt="Tools to remove fake followers-Cleaner for IG">

Key features: 

  • Mass removal of followers
  • Mass unfollowing
  • Mass removal of likes
  • Whitelist users.

Mass Delete for Instagram

This is a mobile app only available for Android users, and it’s built for mass deleting followers and posts.

<img src="tools-to-remove-fake-followers.png" alt="Tools to remove fake followers-Mass Delete for Instagram">

Key features:

  • Mass removals of fake and inactive followers
  • Mass removals of posts
  • Mass unlike posts
  • Unfollow people who don’t follow you back
  • Report and analytics on actions taken

Also check out these 9 tools to analyze fake instagram followers.

Should you remove fake followers?

Fake profiles indeed should be removed from your account because they can create a misleading appearance of popularity, but they can damage credibility and reduce genuine engagement on social media platforms:

Followers are not so important nowadays

Due to all the recent changes in social media, and most specifically, the impact TikTok has had as a platform for content creators, Instagram has drastically changed their algorithm to keep up. 

On April of this year, the head of Instagram and Threads, Adam Mosseri, posted: 

Follower counts matter less than view and like counts. I understand why people focus so much on follower counts; they're prominent and they're easy to find. But if you actually want to get a sense for how relevant an account is, look at their how many likes they get per post and how many views per reel instead. Source: Situation, Linkedin, 2024 

This way, exactly because mass followers have become a common thing, and building a community with engaged followers is difficult, Instagram has shifted its focus from followers to the engagement rate to spot valuable accounts.

Improve your Engagement Rate

As mentioned, Instagram’s algorithm now focuses for the most part, on your account’s engagement rate to push your profile to new users and increase your exposure. The engagement rate is based on your total amount of followers vs how many interactions you have, and it’s calculated as it follows:

Total Interactions Over a Period / Total Followers x 100%

Therefore, if you think about it, having an over-the-top follower count compared to the number of real active users who interact with your content will disturb your engagement rate and affect how much Instagram promotes your account.

It is better to have a smaller number of followers if it means they will be more dedicated to your account. 

Safeguard your credibility and reputation

Whether you are an influencer or a brand, social media credibility is key for doing business. 

For partnerships, both sides will check and scrutinize the other’s profile to ensure they are partnering with someone worth the while. And if your profile has a suspicious growth, or your comment section is filled with meaningless comments by bots, then you might miss a good opportunity to increase your exposure or get a deal.

However, removing fake followers aids in maintaining a credible, authentic profile which will be more attractive to both real followers and potential brand partners.

Avoid Instagram penalties

Perhaps the most dangerous impact of all, as it can bring serious blockages in your account, is receiving a penalty for violating Instagram’s terms and conditions.

Because Instagram periodically purges fake accounts, your profile might see a sudden drop of followers and that might spark doubts on your legitimacy.

The consequences then could be reduced visibility, lower engagement rates and even account suspension.

How can you spot fake followers?

You now understand what fake followers are and why you should get rid of them, but, how can you spot them to start removing them from your account?

There are two ways to spot fake accounts:

  • Manual inspection: it’s a slower process as it’s done through Instagram, where you check the quality of the accounts that follow or interact with you.
  • Using a Followers Analytics tool: it’s the fastest way to check the overall status of your following base.

You can check a more detailed guide on how to spot fake followers in this article.


Now that Instagram has millions of users and it’s a very competitive environment, having a large number of followers might seem like a quick route to success. However, as we have explored, fake followers pose significant risks to your credibility and engagement. 

Furthermore, with Instagram's algorithm now prioritizing engagement over follower count, maintaining a clean, engaged follower base is more crucial than ever. So, by checking your account regularly and using removal tools responsibly and in compliance with Instagram's guidelines, you can maintain a genuine follower base that enhances your profile’s value and appeal. 

Focus on building an engaged community rather than just inflating numbers, and you’ll find greater success in your social media endeavors.

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