Influencer Hero vs Grin: Cost Effective Alternative

May 3, 2024
9 Min
Peter Nettesheim
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Influencer Hero vs Grin

If you are looking for a robust influencer marketing platform, you might come across Grin. Starting at $2.2K / month and with annual commitments, you might want to look for a more cost-effective solution that offers the same features as Grin.

Today we want to compare Grin with Influencer Hero, which offers the same features but at a more accessible price point.

Below you can find an overview of the different features, including social media platforms, customer support, and an overall analysis of both platforms.

<img src="Influencer-hero-vs-grin.png" alt="Comparison table between grin and influencer hero">

Grin: Features + User Reviews

Grin has some useful features for connecting with influencers, such as its ability to provide useful contact information for influencers. However, some users have reported difficulties managing their email inboxes and inaccurately capturing email addresses. Additionally, the platform affiliate dashboard lacks transparency, with limited information for affiliates to track their sales and conversions.

"Affiliates complain about being unable to see the sales amounts they drive, where their sales are coming from, and how they can improve."

One user wrote: “There is such limited information about the conversions. GRIN has also had bugs that caused a loss of sales and hurt our affiliate relationships” read the full review here.

Users have also reported issues with limited search filters when looking for the right influencers.

“It’s very hard to find creators that suit our brand, specifically in the UK. We particularly look for mom creators, but we can never seem to find suitable ones.”, another user reported.

For UGC collection, the influencer has to manually upload their posts, which is very time-consuming for the influencer and can affect your relationship with them; check the review here.

Grin Up: Find Influencers Based on User Preferences

Grin also offers a service called Grin Up that provides a list of 10-50 influencers based on the user’s preferences.

Limitations Faced:

However, users have reported long wait times and incomplete delivery of requested lists, making it inconvenient for marketers. Additionally, the inability to search for new influencers makes it challenging to scale effectively. The platform’s notification alerts for new emails or influencer content can also be frustrating. Lastly, some users have reported that the pricing of over $2,000 per month with an annual commitment for Grin can be expensive for small teams.

Influencer Hero: An Overall Great Package

In contrast, Influencer Hero has a user-friendly UI/UX that can make it easier for brands to connect with influencers. In Influencer Hero, all communication with the influencers is embedded in their respective deal pages, where all communication is centralized. The platform’s comprehensive affiliate dashboard allows affiliates to track their sales and see where those sales are coming from, which can lead to more satisfied and engaged affiliates.

Detect UGC Automatically:

All UGC is automatically detected when the influencer puts their custom link and code in their stories or feed posts. Additionally, the platform offers a wide range of search filters, making it easier for brands to find influencers that match their specific criteria.

Low Pricing - No Annual Commitments:

One of the biggest advantages of Influencer Hero is its lower price point compared to Grin, which can be a significant factor for smaller teams. Despite being much more affordable, Influencer Hero also seems to provide a more robust system by focusing on the key features and doubling down on the things that move the needle.

The Bottom-line: Influencer Hero or Grin?

In conclusion, when it comes to selecting an influencer marketing platform, brands have a variety of options to choose from. However, Influencer Hero stands out as a top contender due to its impressive features and tools designed to connect brands with the most suitable influencers and maximize the success of their influencer marketing campaigns. While it’s important to evaluate the budget and specific needs carefully, it’s clear that Influencer Hero offers a comprehensive solution for brands seeking to thrive in influencer marketing.

Read a step-by-step approach for Creating a Performance-Driven Influencer Marketing Program with Influencer Hero in our Ultimate Influencer Marketing Guide here.

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