InBeat Fake Follower Check Tool | Review, Benefits, Alternatives

May 3, 2024
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InBeat Fake Follower Check Tool | Review, Benefits, Alternatives

The rise of fake followers on social media has increasingly complicated the landscape of influencer marketing, challenging the authenticity and effectiveness of campaigns. To combat this issue, tools like the InBeat and Influencer Hero Fake Follower Check are crucial for brands and influencers aiming to maintain credibility and ensure genuine engagement. In this article, we delve into a detailed review of the InBeat tool, examining its benefits and limitations, and compare it with alternatives such as Influencer Hero, which offers additional insights into audience demographics and potential sales impact, providing a broader scope for influencer audits.

What are Fake Followers?

On social media, having lots of followers usually looks good. But not all followers are helpful. Fake followers, like bots or inactive accounts, don’t interact with posts. They just make it look like an influencer is more popular than they really are. This can make things confusing when trying to figure out how influential someone really is.

Why Real Interaction Matters?

Real interaction is key for success on social media. When real people engage with posts, it builds a true community and shows that an influencer is genuinely influential. This is good for businesses that want to use influencers to reach potential customers. The more real interactions, the better the results​.

How InBeat Helps Check for Fake Followers

InBeat offers a tool for both Instagram and Tiktok that checks for fake followers. This tool looks at an influencer’s followers and spots which ones might be fake. By knowing how many followers are real, brands and influencers can make sure they’re reaching a truly engaged audience.

Checking if Influencers are Trustworthy

When choosing influencers, it’s not just about how many followers they have. It’s also about how engaged their followers are and how genuine those interactions are. InBeat provides detailed reports on these factors, helping brands pick the right influencers to work with.

How InBeat Calculates Fake Followers

Engagement Rate Analysis

Evaluate the ratio of followers to engagement (likes, comments) to spot anomalies indicative of fake followers.

Cross-Reference Industry Standards

The collected data (likes, comments, engagement rates) is compared against industry benchmarks to identify deviations that may suggest the presence of fake followers.

Audience Score Calculation

An audience score is generated based on the analysis, which reflects the overall quality and authenticity of the account's followers.

Aggregate Data Approach

Instead of examining each follower individually, InBeat uses aggregate data to assess the authenticity of the entire follower base efficiently.

Benefits and drawbacks of Using InBeat Instagram and Tiktok Fake Follower Check


InBeat offers tools and a database of checked influencers, making it easier for brands to find and work with credible influencers. These tools help brands avoid wasting time and money on influencers with many fake followers

InBeat provides the following information upon following their social media accounts: 

  • Analysis of fake followers
  • Engagement rate calculation and analysis
  • Recent popular posts
<img src="inbeat-fake-followers-checker.png" alt="InBeat Fake Follower Check tool for Instagram and Tiktok">


InBeat requires users to follow their social media page for continuous free service. InBeat also doesn’t provide important audience information such as location, gender and other demographics. Influencer Hero’s free fake follower check tool provides all the data of InBeat and the following data points: 

  • Audience location (E.g. % of followers in the US) 
  • Audience gender split (E.g. % female following) 
  • Analyse average audience age 
  • Analyse Audience growth 
  • Forecast estimated sales and EMV 

It also allows you more searches per day and has a very intuitive UI and UX making it the ideal tool to quickly analyse an influencer before you start a partnership. 

<img src="influencer-hero-fake-followers-checker.png" alt="Influencer Hero Fake Follower Check tool for Instagram and Tiktok">

InBeat VS Influencer Hero Fake Follower Check

When comparing the fake follower check tools of Influencer Hero and InBeat, it's evident that each platform offers unique features tailored to different user needs. 

Influencer Hero, stands out with its broad spectrum of data analysis capabilities, including:

  • fake followers
  • engagement rates
  • audience growth
  • deeper dive into audience demographics (location, gender split, and average age)
  • Forecasts for estimated sales and Earned Media Value (EMV)

Making it particularly valuable for marketers seeking a comprehensive understanding of influencer potential. It allows up to 15 free searches daily and boasts a highly user-friendly interface with a 95% UI/UX rating.

On the other hand, InBeat, focuses on providing an effective tool for analyzing: 

  • fake followers
  • engagement rates
  • showcasing recent popular posts. 

Offering one free search per day, its platform has a slightly lower UI/UX rating at 90%, indicating an almost equally intuitive user experience designed for ease of use and efficient navigation. InBeat's requirement for users to follow their social media page for continuous free service could be seen as a drawback for some, yet its robust analysis features remain appealing for rapid influencer vetting tasks.


In summary, Influencer Hero offers a more detailed and expansive service ideal for in-depth evaluations, whereas InBeat serves best for users needing quick, effective insights without the necessity for extensive data on audience demographics or growth predictions.

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