Hypeauditor Engagement Rate Calculator | Review, Benefits, Alternatives

May 8, 2024
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Hypeauditor Engagement Rate Calculator | Review, Benefits, Alternatives

In today's digital landscape, the Instagram Engagement Rate Calculator emerges as a critical tool for brands and marketers aiming to harness the power of influencer marketing. Understanding the engagement rate—a key metric that quantifies how interactively an audience engages with content—allows marketers to evaluate the impact and reach of influencers across social platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. This calculator helps measure the engagement rate, which is crucial for understanding how much an audience interacts with content. Such insights are essential for assessing whether content truly resonates with its viewers and for making informed decisions about which influencers can best represent a brand. This article will explore how the Hypeauditor tool works, its advantages and limitations, and how it stacks up against alternatives like Influencer Hero, providing a straightforward guide for marketers aiming to refine their influencer strategies.

Understanding Engagement Rate

Engagement rate (ER) is a crucial metric in influencer marketing that measures the level of interaction content receives relative to the audience size. It is typically expressed as a percentage, indicating how actively engaged an audience is with the content they are consuming. High engagement rates are indicative of content that resonates well with an audience, suggesting authentic interaction and interest. This makes ER particularly important for marketers and brands as it helps gauge the effectiveness of influencers and campaigns, ensuring they are investing in partnerships that genuinely capture audience attention.

Introducing Hypeauditor Engagement Rate Calculator

Hypeauditor Engagement Rate Calculator is an essential tool for digital marketers and brands involved in influencer marketing. This tool is designed to measure the engagement rate of social media influencers across various platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, providing a comprehensive view of how audiences interact with influencers' content. Hypeauditor platform offers more than just basic engagement calculations. It provides insights into the authenticity of followers and the quality of interactions, which are crucial for distinguishing genuine influencers from those with artificially inflated metrics. The tool does this by checking for signs of fake followers and other inauthentic engagement tactics, which can significantly impact the effectiveness and credibility of influencer marketing campaigns.

How Hypeauditor Calculates Engagement Rate on Instagram

Hypeauditor calculates Instagram engagement rate using specific formulas that focus on interactions like likes and comments relative to the number of followers. Here’s a breakdown:

1. Post Engagement Rate

This is calculated by dividing the total likes and comments of a single post by the number of followers, then multiplying by 100 to convert it into a percentage.

2. Average Engagement Rate

This metric provides a comprehensive evaluation of engagement across several posts. It calculates this by aggregating the likes and comments from the last 12 posts, dividing the total by the number of followers, and then averaging this figure across the posts to yield a percentage. To ensure the most accurate assessment, Hypeauditor excludes posts with unusually high or low engagement rates from this calculation. This method guarantees a balanced and fair analysis of an influencer's engagement level.

3. Real-Time Calculations

Hypeauditor offers a tool that can instantly calculate the engagement rate for any Instagram account. This tool provides a quick overview of how well an account's content is resonating with its audience by showing real-time data.

How Hypeauditor Calculates Engagement Rate on Tiktok

For TikTok, Hypeauditor employs a similar approach but adapts it to the unique aspects of the platform:

1. Engagement Formula

TikTok's engagement rate is calculated by adding up all likes, comments, and shares, then dividing by the number of views.

2. Recent Post Analysis

The tool typically analyzes the latest 30 posts to assess a TikTok influencer's engagement, providing a comprehensive view of current performance.

3. Benchmarking

Hypeauditor compares the calculated engagement rate against similar accounts to provide benchmarks, helping marketers understand how an influencer stacks up in their niche.

How Hypeauditor Calculates Engagement Rate on Youtube

YouTube's engagement calculation by Hypeauditor is adjusted to account for the platform's video-based content:

1. Engagement Components

The engagement rate on YouTube is computed considering likes, comments, shares, and subscribers as part of the engagement metrics. Then divide by the total number of views. 

2. Video-Specific Engagement

The tool can calculate the engagement rate for individual videos as well as for the channel overall, giving a clear picture of engagement per video or across all content.

3. Comparative Analysis

Similar to TikTok, YouTube engagement rates are also benchmarked against similar channels to provide contextual understanding of performance.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Hypeauditor Engagement Rate Calculator


Hypeauditor provides over 35 metrics for analyzing social media accounts, encompassing engagement, growth, and audience quality, making it an effective tool for assessing influencer effectiveness across platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Additionally, the platform offers accurate and in-depth analytics, including unique proprietary metrics such as Audience Quality Score (AQS) and Channel Quality Score (CQS), which help determine the authenticity and engagement levels of an influencer's followers.

Hypeauditor provides the following data points for free:

  • Calculates engagement rate
  • Calculates total followers or subscribers
  • Analyzes average total likes per post or video 
  • Analyzes average total comments per post or video
<img src="hypeauditor-instagram-engagement-rate-calculator.png" alt="Hypeauditor engagement rate calculator for instagram">
<img src="hypeauditor-tiktok-engagement-rate-calculator.png" alt="Hypeauditor engagement rate calculator for tiktok">
<img src="hypeauditor-youtube-engagement-rate-calculator.png" alt="Hypeauditor engagement rate calculator for youtube">


Hypeauditor limits access to detailed engagement rate analytics prior to user registration, requiring potential users to sign up and create an account to unlock more comprehensive data. This approach can impact users by adding an initial barrier to entry, potentially delaying access to vital information needed for immediate influencer assessment and campaign planning. Additionally, Hypeauditor only offers 10 free searches per day.

Hypeauditor provides more data/metrics for Instagram and Tiktok results when signed up:

  • Audience check
  • Audience demographics
  • Follower growth
  • Brand mentions
  • Ad performance

Hypeauditor provides more data/metrics for Youtube results when signed up:

  • Channel Quality Score
  • Subscribers Growth
  • Audience Demographics
  • Content Analytics
  • Similar Channels
  • Brand mentions
  • Video performance
  • Channel CPM

Influencer Hero’s free engagement rate calculator provides all the data of Hypeauditor + the following data points without subscription. 

  • Analyzes fake followers
  • Views the influencer's audience growth
  • Analyzes the audience location
  • Analyzes the audience gender split (% female & male followers)
  • Analyzes the audience average age
  • Forecasts estimated sales and Earned Media Value (EMV)

In addition to its comprehensive analytics, Influencer Hero allows for more searches per day compared to competitors and features an exceptionally intuitive user interface and user experience. This design makes it an ideal tool for quickly analyzing influencers, ensuring marketers can make informed decisions before initiating partnerships.

<img src="influencer-hero-engagement-rate-calculator.png" alt="Influencer Hero Engagement Rate Calculator for Instagram and Tiktok">

Hypeauditor VS Influencer Hero Engagement Rate Calculator

Influencer Hero offers a robust tool that extends beyond traditional metrics, catering to Instagram as well as the Youtube Engagement Rate Calculator, and TikTok Engagement Rate Calculator. It stands out by providing detailed analyses of:

  • Fake followers
  • Engagement rates
  • Comprehensive insights such as audience growth tracking, location, gender split, average age
  • Forecasts of estimated sales and Earned Media Value (EMV). 

With up to 15 free searches daily and a UI/UX quality score of 95%, Influencer Hero ensures user-friendly navigation and an aesthetically pleasing interface, making it highly preferred by marketers for its extensive evaluations and broad data coverage.

HypeAuditor also offers engagement rate calculations for various social media platforms, with a focus on standard metrics. The platform boasts over 35 analysis metrics and provides accurate in-depth analytics, including Audience Quality Score (AQS) and Channel Quality Score (CQS). However, it's important to note that HypeAuditor's full suite of features may require a subscription for access. Additionally, while HypeAuditor offers 10 searches per day, it falls short in comparison to Influencer Hero, which provides 15 searches per day. Furthermore, Influencer Hero stands out with its user-friendly interface and superior user experience.


Hypeauditor Engagement Rate Calculator offers a robust platform for assessing social media engagement across popular platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, utilizing over 35 analytical metrics to provide detailed insights. While it delivers in-depth analysis, access to its full capabilities requires user registration, posing a barrier for quick, ad-hoc analysis. In contrast, Influencer Hero provides similar analytics without the need for a subscription, including additional features like fake follower detection and sales forecasts, coupled with a user-friendly interface and higher daily search limits, making it a more accessible tool for marketers conducting preliminary evaluations. Both tools have their merits, with Hypeauditor focusing on depth and accuracy, and Influencer Hero emphasizing accessibility and ease of use, offering marketers varied options based on their specific needs for detailed analytics and user experience.

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