How to Find Influencer Instagram Emails: A Comprehensive Guide

May 3, 2024
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How to Find Influencer Instagram Emails: A Comprehensive Guide

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, the ability to connect directly with influencers is invaluable. Instagram, with its immense user base, serves as a fertile ground for brands looking to collaborate with influencers to boost their online presence. However, the challenge often lies in finding a reliable way to contact these influencers, particularly through their email addresses. This article outlines several effective methods for obtaining Instagram emails, ensuring marketers and brands can establish those crucial connections.

Steps to find influencer emails:

1. Visit Their Instagram Profile on Mobile

One of the most straightforward ways to find an influencer's email is by directly visiting their Instagram profile via a mobile device. Many influencers understand the importance of being accessible to potential collaborators and often include their email addresses in their bio. On a mobile device, this information is typically visible, and in many cases, the app provides a direct "Email" button, making the process seamless. On desktop the email is not visible so you unfortunately need to use the mobile app for this method.

2. Utilize Specialized Tools

In situations where an influencer's email isn't readily available on their profile, or when looking to streamline the outreach process, turning to specialized tools can be incredibly advantageous.

Influencer Hero

Enter Influencer Hero, an all-in-one influencer marketing software tailor-made for D2C e-commerce brands. Not only does it allow for efficient influencer discovery and bulk download influencer emails you can also automate the outreach procedure by using Ai powered drip campaigns. Besides the outreach it also offers a sophisticated influencer CRM, affiliate, automatic UGC capture and much more. This streamlines the process, saving precious time and resources for brands aiming to scale their influencer outreach efforts.


Another tool worth considering is Modash. Known for its ability to provide detailed influencer analytics, Modash also offers features for finding contact information, making it easier for brands to connect with potential influencers.


Heepsy specializes in influencer search and analysis, offering a broad database from which brands can identify influencers in their niche. Its email finding capabilities further enhance its utility for comprehensive influencer marketing campaigns.


HypeAuditor focuses on the authenticity of influencers, ensuring brands collaborate with genuine and engaging personalities. It also includes functionalities for obtaining contact details, including emails. stands out for its cross-platform approach, not limited to Instagram alone. It's a useful tool for those looking to source emails and other contact information across various platforms, making it a versatile addition to your outreach toolkit.

3. Check Their Other Social Media Pages or Websites

Influencers often maintain a presence on multiple platforms and typically have a personal or business website. These channels frequently contain direct contact details or, at least, links to a contact form. Checking an influencer's Facebook page, Twitter handle, or LinkedIn profile can unveil additional pathways to acquire their email address. Moreover, browsing through their website could reveal a dedicated contact page or an email listed in the footer, offering another route for connection.

4. Use an Instagram Email Finder: PhantomBuster

PhantomBuster stands out as a versatile tool designed to automate various online activities, including the ability to find Instagram emails. It functions by extracting data through what's termed as "Phantoms,” which are essentially code scripts that can perform tasks ranging from data scraping, automation of actions, to the extraction of contact information from Instagram profiles. By using PhantomBuster, you can automate the search for email addresses associated with specific Instagram accounts, effectively cutting down on the manual effort and time spent on research. This powerful tool requires some setup but proves invaluable for those looking to conduct outreach at scale.

5. Ask the Influencer by Sending a DM

Sometimes, the most direct approach proves to be the most effective. Sending a polite and professionally crafted Direct Message (DM) to the influencer can open the door to communication. This method has the added benefit of personal touch, showing the influencer that your brand has taken the time to reach out personally. Keep your message clear and concise, expressing your interest in collaboration and asking for the best email address to discuss potential partnerships. While not all influencers may respond due to the high volume of messages they receive, this method can yield surprisingly positive results, especially with influencers who are actively looking for brand collaborations.

6. Guess the Email and then Use an Email Verifier

This strategy involves a bit of detective work and ingenuity. A common practice for professional email addresses includes variations of the person's first name, last name, or a combination of both, followed by the company's domain. For influencers, this could translate to using their public name or username followed by popular email service domains like "" Once you have crafted a list of potential email addresses, the next step involves using an email verifier.

Email Verifiers

Tools such as Hunter, VerifyBee, or NeverBounce come into play here, allowing you to input the guessed emails and check their validity. These services work by running the email addresses through verification checks to see if they are active and capable of receiving emails. While this method may seem a bit like shooting in the dark, it's grounded in well-established guessing techniques that, when coupled with the power of email verification tools, can lead to discovering the right contact information with a surprising degree of accuracy.

How to Contact Influencers once you found the email address

1. Reaching Out to Them Manual

The most straightforward approach is reaching out to influencers manually. Now that you have their email address you can simply send out the emails one by one. It is simple and easy but the problem is it takes a lot of time and isn’t scalable.

2. Using Sales Automation Tools

For brands looking to scale their outreach efforts, sales automation tools like Woodpecker, Lemlist, and offer a more efficient solution. These platforms enable the automatic bulk sending of emails, saving time and resources. By crafting a compelling template and segmenting your influencer list, you can reach a wide audience while maintaining a sense of personalization. These tools often include features like email tracking and optimization, helping you refine your approach based on engagement metrics. The disadvantage is that it often quite complex to set up and requires time. Once you send out the email you also still need a tool to effectively manage the responses. This is often done by using a CRM which you now need to set up separately again and also often pay for separately. The cost of this can increase and all the integrations needed are often not feasible.

Which brings us to the ideal option.

3. Using Influencer Hero’s Ai-powered drip campaigns & influencer CRM

Influencer Hero takes the process a step further by integrating advanced features suited for influencer outreach. It allows for the creation of drip campaigns that not only automate the initial email but also schedule automated follow-ups, significantly increasing engagement rates. What sets Influencer Hero apart is its AI-powered personalization capabilities. By using placeholders (e.g., for the influencer's first name) and generating a personalized sentence based on an influencer’s last three social media posts, the platform crafts messages that are highly relevant and engaging to the recipient. This level of personalization demonstrates a genuine interest in the influencer's content and can significantly enhance the likelihood of forming a successful partnership. By using these tools the average reply rate on Influencer Hero is 38%. 

Once the influencer replies all responses are automatically tracked through a simple trello like CRM board through which you can effectively manage replies, further automate communication using templates and Ai prompts, create affiliate links and automatically capture influencer UGC. This all in one influencer platform makes it easy to effective to manage your entire influencer program in one place.

Bonus tip to maximise influencer ROI

Before you reach out to the influencer make sure to analyse the influencer’s profile in detail to ensure that their audience matches your target audience. Analysing fake followers and engagement rate can be crucial. To analyse this access Influencer Hero’s free fake follower checker and free engagement rate calculator.

Navigating Your Way with Instagram Email Finder Tools

In conclusion, whether through direct exploration of Instagram profiles, leveraging specialized tools like Influencer Hero, or engaging in creative strategies such as direct messaging and email guessing, finding an Instagram email address is feasible with the right approach. Remember the importance of respecting privacy and legal boundaries in your search. Utilizing Instagram email finders effectively can open up new avenues for networking, influencer collaboration, and marketing opportunities, making it a valuable skill in the digital outreach toolkit.

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