7 Steps to find Local Influencers in 2024: A Comprehensive Guide

April 12, 2024
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Peter Nettesheim
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In today's digital landscape, local influencers can be a goldmine for regional marketing campaigns. They provide a level of relatability that's often unattainable with broader-reaching celebrity influencers. Here's a detailed guide on how to discover top local influencers using various tools and platforms, including Influencer Hero, Google, social media platforms, Google Trends, Reddit, podcasts, and events.

1. Influencer Hero

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2. Instagram

Step 1: Use Geo-Tags and Location Stories

Instagram allows users to tag their location in posts and stories, which can be utilized to discover influencers in specific areas. Search for locations to see top posts and stories shared from that area, helping you identify active influencers engaging with local audiences.

Step 2: Explore Local Hashtags

Identify hashtags that are unique to a city or region (e.g., #MiamiFoodie, #BerlinArtScene). Browsing these hashtags can lead you to profiles of influencers who specialize in content relevant to those locales.

Step 3: Monitor Competitor Collaborations

Keep an eye on competitors and see which local influencers they are working with. This can provide insights into who is influential in your industry within specific regions.

3. Youtube

Step 1: Search Filters

YouTube’s search filter allows you to sort content by location when available. This is especially useful for finding vloggers and creators who produce content in specific areas.

Step 2: Local Keywords in Search

Use keywords combined with city or regional names to find creators who mention these in their video titles or descriptions (e.g., "Dallas tech reviewer" or "Portland street food").

Step 3: Engage with Community and Comments

The comment sections under videos can be a goldmine for discovering influential YouTubers. Influential commenters often have their own followers and can be local influencers themselves.

4. Tiktok

Step 1: Local Sound and Hashtag Challenges

TikTok often features local sounds or regional hashtag challenges. Participating in or monitoring these can help brands identify who is leading trends in particular areas.

Step 2: Geo-Tagged Content

Similar to Instagram, TikTok allows content to be geo-tagged. Searching through these tags can help discover influential TikTokers in specific regions.

Step 3: TikTok Discover Page

Use the Discover page to search for local trends and see which users are promoting these trends. The algorithm also suggests popular videos by location, which can be a helpful tool in identifying local influencers.

5. Google Search and Google Trends

Google is a potent tool for finding influencers:

  • Conduct searches for blogs and content creators in specific locations by using keywords like "fashion bloggers in Atlanta" or "tech influencers in Austin".
  • Use Google Trends to identify rising trends in certain areas, then search for influencers discussing these trends.

6. Reddit

Reddit offers access to hyper-localized content through its community structure:

  • Join subreddits that are geographically specific (e.g., r/BayArea or r/Atlanta).
  • Use hashtags in the search within these subreddits to find posts about local events, products, or discussions, which can lead to discovering active local influencers.

7. Podcasts and Events

Local podcasts and community events can be treasure troves for finding influencers:

  • Look for podcasts focusing on local issues or interests and identify guests who are influencers.
  • Attend local events such as fairs, markets, and conventions to network with potential influencer partners who are actively involved in the community.

Conclusion: Discover the Suitable Local Influencers For Your Brand

Finding and leveraging local influencers is an art that combines strategic use of digital tools with community engagement. Whether through sophisticated platforms like Influencer Hero, social media platforms, and grassroots methods like attending local events, identifying the right local influencer can significantly amplify your brand's message to the most relevant audiences. Remember, authenticity and local relevance are key to maximizing your return on investment in the influencer marketing arena.

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