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Top 80 Golf Influencers in the US

Golf, a sport of precision and patience, has a vast community of influencers who are shaping the game's future. In this article, we'll be highlighting the top golf influencers who are not only masters of the sport but also have a significant impact on their followers, shaping trends and inspiring the next generation of golf enthusiasts.

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How to find them 🔎

Embarking on a quest to find top golf influencers on Instagram can be as thrilling as a tight game of golf itself. You might want to start by swinging through popular golf-related hashtags such as #GolfLife, #InstaGolf, or #GolfPro. These tags often bring out the stars of golf content on Instagram. Engaging with posts and checking out who's leading conversations in golf forums and groups can also reveal hidden gems. Pay attention to posts from major golf tournaments and events, as these often spotlight influential figures in the sport. For those looking to fine-tune their search with specifics like follower growth rate or audience location, our own tool, Influencer Hero, can be quite useful. It's designed to help you find influencers who aren’t just a part of the conversation but are influencing it dramatically, aligned perfectly with your campaign’s needs.

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