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Flexible pricing starting from $249 / month without annual contracts, having access to all Grin features + more & 5.0 star Shopify app store reviews. Join 400+ brands & 50+ agencies and maximise your ROI!

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Sourcing & Discovery

Find the best Influencers for your brand!

Find the right influencers using detailed filters

Stop wasting time and find relevant influencers with a couple of clicks using detailed filters.

Find creators who Already love your brand

Brand's existing influential customers are more likely to partner with you. Find them using our matching tool.

Access detailed analytics

Access detailed reports on each influencer detecting fake followers, detailed demographics, brand affinity and much more.

Automate outreach

Experience the most sophisticated influencer workflow.

Create Drip Campaigns

Reach out to hundreds of influencers with a click of a button. Create drip campaigns with automatic follow ups.

CRM - Structured Influencer Workflow

Use our automated creator workflow. See all creator in negotiation, awaiting post and posted in one place.

Automate with ChatGPT

Use Ai generated personalised sentence based on their social media profile and automate email writing using GPT prompts.

Affiliates, Gifting & Payments

ALL-IN-ONE creator management

Affiliate Links & Discount Codes

Maximise your ROI by tracking clicks & conversions using personalised affiliate links and discount codes.


Save time by processing payments directly from our CRM. Creators have their own dashboard to keep track of earnings

Product gifting

Save time by dispatching products to influencers directly from our CRM which creates a $0 order in your store.

Content Library & UGC

Collect User Generated Content on autopilot

Automatic post capture

Never miss a post again. Our system automatically detects and collects influencer posts including story, reels and feed.

Content Library

View all posts save to favourites and filter based on influencer posts, customer posts and much more.

Download UGC

Directly download high quality videos / images from the content library and boost your conversion rate with high quality UGC.

Join 300+ Brands & 50+ Marketing Agencies

Integrate with your favourite apps

We automate the entire process for you. No more spreadsheets, kitting together multiple software products or manual outreach.

350+ Happy Customers

Enables affiliates, sending products and more


Drip campaigns and automated emails


Enables affiliates, sending products and more


Drip campaigns and automated emails


Enables affiliates, sending products and more


Drip campaigns and automated emails

what people say

Our users love us.

NY State of Mind

Influencer Hero has been the platform we were looking for! Great interface and easy to understand steps to connect with the type of influencers that represent our brand the most. Love the time saving features and data collection across the social media platforms. Also love how they handle all affiliate content and payouts. Definitely useful when scaling your brand. highly recommended.


We love Influencer Hero! The platform has transformed the way we reach out to influencers and automate campaigns. Highly recommend it to any marketer looking to succeed with influencer marketing, save time and scale social marketing efficiently.

Artisan Deli Market

Great software and amazing support! We had questions on how to best structure our influencer marketing campaign and were surprised about all the insights Influencer Hero can provide on how to succeed. Can only recommend!


Great app! We find it super easy to use and the search functionality for finding influencers is really thorough.

D2C Brands
Marketing Agencies
Countries covered
Emails sent to influencers

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Join 250+ brands & 50+ agencies. We help small businesses which are just starting out all the way to publicly traded companies working with Blue Chip Clients like Disney, TOYOTA and Samsung.

FAQ & Competitor Comparison

What is Influencer Hero?
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Influencer Hero is a leading creator management software. The software covers influencer discovery, a CRM to effectively manage relationships, a full suite affiliate marketing platform and detailed analytics to track influencer performance & ROI.

Who uses Influencer Hero?
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Hundreds of the world’s fastest-growing D2C brands in various different industries, media & marketing agencies and various other businesses  which use influencer marketing to accelerate the growth of their businesses.

Influencer Hero VS Grin, Upfluence & CreatorIQ
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As an end-to-end platform covering the entire spectrum of Influencer Marketing Influencer Hero offers the same capabilities as Grin, Creator IQ and Upfluence at a fraction of their cost. Starting at only $249 / month Influencer Hero makes Influencer Marketing accessible to any businesses independent of size and budget.

What exactly is an influencer marketing platform?
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An influencer marketing platform is a digital tool or software that facilitates collaboration between brands and influencers. It streamlines the process of finding, connecting with, and managing influencers for marketing campaigns. These platforms typically offer features such as influencer discovery, campaign management, and performance analytics.

What are the pros of influencer hero?
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The main benefit of Influencer Hero is that you are able to turn your influencer marketing program into your most profitable revenue channel. By using automation and managing everything in one place your marketing team is able to save valuable time and focus on the things which move the needle.

What is the pricing of influencer hero?
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Starting at only $249 / month Influencer Hero offers an end-to-end influencer marketing platform accessible to all businesses.